Kings Head XXI Regatta on the Schuylkill

  • Hosted By: Upper Merion Boat Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Goto Mapquest Link below.  Goto "Aerial Image" and zoom in or out, pan left and right.

The "STAR" is the Start Line and the Finish line 2.93 miles east about 50 meters past where East DeKalb Pike crosses the river at Schuylkill River Boat House Park.

The "STAR" is also 150 meters above the West Norriton Lanch Area.

The link below:

Map of 58 W Indian Ln Norristown, PA 19403-3510,


1. The 3.0 mile Course : The course begins at Port Indian and proceeds down the approximate middle third of the river to the top of Barbadoes Island and then along the island bank (portside) to the finish line. Crews should take caution of the fallen trees on the island bank. Crews must pass through the large orange colored course buoys and are responsible for steering a safe and predictable line on the course. There are two bridges: Boats should pass through lanes 1, 2, and 3 of the first (railroad) bridge and arch 1 and the portside half of arch 2, of the second (highway) bridge. There is a buoy marked sunken hazard in the center of arch 2 of the highway bridge. The finish line is 50 meters after the second bridge. Just after the finish line crews shall proceed for 100 meters and wait for clearance from the dockmaster before coming about to the recovery end of the dock in front of the boathouse. Caution: There is a dam approximately 200 meters beyond the finish line. All crews should take care to stay well above the dam while waiting to dock. After Finishing: Crews launching from the Upper Merion Boathouse will be disqualified if they row past the recovery dock upriver to "cool down." Crews launching from the West Norriton Launch site will proceed upriver in the row to start lane and cross the course at the referee marked location only, or be disqualified.

2. Start: Each entrant will be responsible for arriving at the starting line five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled starting time. Boats leaving from the Upper Merion Boathouse should proceed along the Upper Merion bank (portside), through the first arch of both bridges and proceed with extreme caution upriver staying well clear of the racing lanes and competitors who may row off the course. Boats leaving the West Norriton Launch will proceed 300 meters along the West Norriton bank to the start staging area. Shoals and hazards will generally be marked and individuals and crews should proceed with normal caution on unfamiliar waters. All Crews and Coxwains are responsible for knowing the course and passing rules and for checking the course map before leaving the dock. Crews proceeding more than 300 meters above the start line will do so at their own risk. 


1.    Bow Numbers: Bow numbers have been assigned in the order entries were received. The start will be supervised by officials on shore and on the water. Boats will be started at 10 second intervals in Bow Number order.   Crews utilizing the course for practice must be completely off the course by 9:30a.m.

2.    Passing Rules: Any boat being overtaken must move toward the Upper Merion bank of the river.  Overtaking crews must pull out and around and pass on the port side of slower crews.  There is a “No Passing Zone” beginning 100 meters above the railroad bridge through 50 meters past the railroad bridge.   Upon approaching the Railroad Bridge crews must point and align their boats to Lane 1, 2, or 3 and shout their commitment, “LANE X,” three times upon entering the “No Passing Zone.”  An overtaking crew committed to the same lane must follow at a distance of at least one boat length until safely clear of the bridge.

3.    Prizes: Specially commissioned King’s Head Medals will be awarded to each individual of the winning crews when race results are confirmed and official.  First and 2nd place medals will be awarded in races having at least four entries.   First place medals only in races with a minimum of two entries.  No medals will be awarded in races with only one entry.




Upper Merion Boat House Area and Finish Line Map