RCiR Moonlight Row

  • Hosted By: Rochester Community inclusive Rowing

Course Rules:

  1. Scullers will sign in and receive bow number.
  2. Scullers will sign onto and off of the water.
  3. Scullers will sign up for available time slots.
  4. Course length is 1000 meters centered in front of The Reserve Community docks.  End turn around buoys are marked and lit.  A safety monitor launch with official will be stationed at each end of the course and on the central docks. (Course turns will be at the I-390 bridge and at the Winton Rd. Bridge.)
  5. Laps will be monitored and logged by the dock master.
  6. A buoy line dividing lanes will be down the center of the canal.  Please row in your respective lane as appropriate to your direction.
  7. One lap will be considered 1.25 miles for the purposes of our goal of 363 miles rowed.
  8. One lap in a single will contribute 1.25 miles to our goal.
  9. One lap in a double will contribute 2.5 miles to our goal. (with 2 people in the boat)
  10. One lap in a quad will contribute 5.0 miles to our goal.  (with 4 people in the boat)
  11. Be nice, be aware, have fun.