Denver Indoor Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By Mile High Rowing Club

1. Entry fee.  Team Challenge fee is $40 

2. Juniors age is determined by actual birthdate, not the US Rowing annual birthdate that switches over 1 January.  Their age on race day is the age used.  

3..   If you are attempting to qualify for the World Indoor Rowing Championships, enter the age group that you will be on the day of the World Indoor Rowing Championships. 

4. Lightweight weights for racing using US Rowing weights (juniors only):

Junior Men 150 and lighter

Junior Women 130 and lighter

Open/Master Men 165 and lighter (same weight as World Indoor)

Open/Master Women 135 and lighter (same weight as World Indoor)

5.   Novices defined as starting to row after 1 March 2017. This applies to college and adult novices as well.

6.  Collegiate if a race indicates Collegiate and does not state "Open" then it is just for full time college students.

7.  Team Challenge, open to groups of four must be 2 men, 2 women representing their CAC, OTF, CrossFit, Fit 36 or any Gym.  Winner gets medals, but also a weekend of on-the-Water Learn to Row (May or June, date to be agreed upon between winning team and Mile High Rowing).  Distance is 2,000m, each member of the team must row at least 250m.  This event will be age handicapped using the USRowing handicap system.  A minimum of 2 teams needed to run this race. 

8.  Term "Veteran" is used in 2 different ways in the entries.  We have specific events for wounded Military Veterans on Friday evening.  Veteran is also a term used by US Rowing to denote a certain age group. 

9.  College Cup Challenge:  points will be awarded per top 5 placement in each of the collegiate 2k races.  10 points for first, 8 points for 2nd, 6 points for 3rd, 4 points for 4th and 2 points for 5th.  The college with the most points from these races will be award a traveling trophy. 

 Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions