Rockrimmon Ergatta

  • Hosted By: Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club

All events will be at the 2000 meter distance on Concept2 Model D ergometers, except where noted.

Age as of 1/1/2018 determines categories for events.  Please, enter accordingly on your honor.  We won't be fingerprinting or verifying age with federal authorities.  "U" stands for "under," therefore to enter the U14 event, a youth must have been 13 years old or younger throughout 2017.  Similarly U19 participants were 18 years old for all of 2017, etc.

No handicaps will be applied to ages below 50.  Ages 50 +  This category will only be handicapped if we receive any 70+ entries. If handicaps are used, medals will be awarded to the best handicapped scores (men and women). Handicaps will be as follows (bring a calculator):

Age 91-99: 7 seconds per year over 90, plus
Age 81-90 6 seconds per year over 80, plus
Age 71-80: 5 seconds per year over 70, plus
Age 61-70: 4 seconds per year over 60.

Lightweight Weigh-Ins

Men: 165 lbs max  / Women: 135 lbs max

  • All competitors entered in a lightweight division of any event must weigh-in during the 1-hour window beginning two hours before their assigned race time and ending one hour before their race time. For instance, if you are scheduled to race at 12pm, you must weigh in between 10am and 11am. No exceptions.
  • Weigh-in attire is required. This is limited to a minimum of a unisuit or shorts and a top.  Your momma was subjected to your naked body during years of diaper changes.  We don't need similar treatment.
  • Athletes who fail to weigh in for any reason will still row on their assigned erg at their originally assigned time. Their results will be recorded in the open category for their event.
  • Practice scales are available in the locker rooms, and each competitor is permitted unlimited attempts to weigh-in within their designated weigh-in window.

Relay teams have up to four participants.  Mixed relay teams must include at least two females on each team.  The distance will be 2000 meters.

Rules of Racing in Relay

The erg relay race will follow the established erg race championship format, with the following obvious exceptions:

  • Each participant will race 500 meters for a total of 2000 meters.
  • Each team may choose the order of participants.
  • The lead off rower begins seated on the machine.
  • Each rower must complete his or her 500 meter piece before the next teammate may approach the handle.
  • When finished with the 500 meters, each rower must secure the handle against the machine or hand the handle to the next rower directly.  ONLY THIS TEAMMATE may touch, pull, or advance the handle during his or her allotted 500 meter section.
  • The coxswain may sit or stand alongside the rower, and offer any strategy or encouragement, but may not otherwise assist, except to secure the foot stretchers of the transitioning athletes.
  • Teammates may hold onto the rower's feet, but may not touch the handle.
  • Teams may adjust the damper during the transition period
  • Teams do not have to be in matching uniforms (although this year there is a costume contest!)