Texas Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By Austin Rowing Club
  • USRowing Registered

** Please refer to the Rules & Eligibility Section for details on Team Point Trophies.  

To all teams that won trophies at the 2017 Texas Rowing Championships:   please return trophies to the Registration tent by Sat 4/21.  

Coaches and Coxswain meeting:  Sat & Sun at 6:00 am.  Attendance is mandatory. Chief Referee will take attendance to make sure each team has a representative at the meeting.  If you are not at meeting, you will need to speak with the Chief Referee prior to being allowed to launch.   ­­­


Only Masters from ARC and TRC will be allowed to row back to their boathouses after completing a race in the Texas Rowing Championship and only if the following rules are adhered to:

Boat informs Referee at Control prior to launching that they will be rowing back after the race.

At the end of the race, boat must wait until the race is finalized AND the finish referee clears the boat to leave.  

Acknowledge to the finish referee that they are leaving the regatta course and that there are no safety launches on the W side of I 35.

Once rowers leave the course (and particularly if they leave before race is finalized) they are giving up their right to protest, re-row, concede, etc.