City Championships

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association
  • 2018 Registered Regatta
Inclement Weather Play for the 2018 City Championships
In the event of bad weather that will cause a delay during racing that cannot be made up in the schedule, the following will go in effect:
  • Regatta management will decide when to restart the regatta and at what point in the schedule it will restart.
  • The order of events will remain the same
  • If we are unable to run finals, medals will be awarded to all events not run based on the results of the time trials. So tell your kids that those time trials count!
  • If the regatta is restarted we will then change to 4-minute centers so we can run the maximum number of events. We will not use stake boats, only floating starts. Because of the delay, only Gold Medal crews will come to the awards dock. Silver and Bronze Medals will be given to the coaches to present to their crews.
  • If Saturday racing (time trials) is canceled completely:
    • Time Trials will be held Sunday morning beginning at 8 am.
    • There will be no semifinals. The top six boats will move on to finals Sunday afternoon.
    • The use of stake boats will depend on conditions of the river and available time on Sunday.
  • If Sunday racing is cancelled completely, medals will be awarded based on the results of time trials on Saturday.
  • Regatta management reserves the right to review this plan and make changes if necessary.
  • We will communicate changes through the PA system and social media. Boathouse Row coaches and other coaches may submit their cell phone numbers to be sure they receive proper notification. In the event of bad weather, coaches are responsible for making an effort to learn about any changes in the schedule.
  • If the regatta needs to be canceled, we will make very effort to reschedule it. This will depend on the availability of the venue and the cooperation of Fairmount Park as well as the availability of officials and volunteers.
  • Please inform your coaching staff and rowers about this plan.