Head of the Lake

  • Hosted By: Lake Washington Rowing Club
  • 2018 Registered Regatta

The Head of the Lake is a 3 mile race.The race starts in Lake Union at the College Club dock with views of the Seattle skyline and the Space Needle and follows the shoreline past Pocock Rowing Center and under the University Bridge. It continues east through Portage Bay and the Montlake Cut into Union Bay. After passing Fox Point at the Washington Arboreteum and still heading east towards Lake Washington, the course follows a buoyed 3-point turn heading north and continues northwest towards Husky Stadium and Conibear shell house. The finish line is about 200 meters outside the entrance to Conibear Shell house. Download Map...

Schedule of Events
Saturday November 3, 2018
Lake Washington Rowing Club, 910 N. Northlake Way

11:00 AM Trailer parking begins at LWRC
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Race Packet Pickup at LWRC
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Regatta merchandise sale...


Sunday November 4, 2018
Conibear Shellhouse at UW
2:00 am PDT Ends, Clocks fall back one hour
4:30 am Trailer parking begins at UW
6:00 am Mandatory coaches & coxswains meeting near Conibear Shell house
6:00-8:00 am Race packet pick-up at Conibear Shell house
6:30 am - Noon Regatta merchandise for sale
8:00-12:30 Races
8:00-1:30 Race Results on display, vendor displays, pancake breakfast at Conibear Shell House,
10:30-1:30 First Place Award Ceremonies

At the Montlake Cut:  Best place to view the races! Sunday 8:00-1:00