Head of the Lake

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Head of the Lake 2018 Registration Instructions

After 2017 Head of the Lake registration filled in less than one hour we intended to update our registration procedure to offer early registration to the 2017 top 50% of finishers in Juniors, U-17, Open and Masters races.  Unfortunately HOTL 2017 was cancelled due to inclement weather so we could not use this method. Instead, we decided to offer early registration, thus a guaranteed entry, to all HOTL 2017 registrants whose races were cancelled.

Registration for 2018 HOTL will be in two phases. The first phase will be a restricted early registration and will run from Friday, September 14 at Noon PST till Thursday September 20 at Noon PST.  The second phase will be standard registration open to all and will run from Friday September 21 at Noon PST till registration fills.

We are not limiting rowers to 1 race but we do ask you to be considerate of other rowers and teams and limit your entries unless needed to fill out a boat line-up.

Expect HOTL 2019 to move to early registration for the top 50% of finishers for all Junior, U-17, Open and Masters races.

Early Registration Eligibility

  • All Collegiate Teams
  • HOTL 2017 top 50% of Junior Mens 8+ and Junior Womens 8+ finishers
  • Junior, U-17, Open and Masters entries in HOTL 2017 canceled races
  • Junior, U-17, Open and Masters eligible entries are listed here by club and here by race.

Early Registration Guidelines

  • All collegiate teams can enter any collegiate race for which they are eligible
  • Masters and Open 1x and 2x entries are assigned to the rower(s) who registered in 2017. The HOTL 2017 registered rower(s) are the only rower(s) allowed to race the entry in 2017.
  • Junior and U-17 1x, 2x, 4x, 4+ and 8+ entries are assigned to the club and the line-ups may change. A U-17 entry may be switched to a Junior entry of the same boat type. (Example: A U-17 Girls 8+ maybe be switched to a Junior Womens 8+).
  • Masters 4x, 4+ and 8+ are assigned to the club and the line-ups and age groups may change but the event cannot. (Examples: If your club had 2 Masters Womens 8+ entries last year, one in age group A and one in age group D, then your club will have two early entries in the Masters Womens 8+ in the age category of your choice. You cannot switch a Mixed 8+ to a Mens 8+.)
  • A club may substitute two smaller boats for 1 larger boat during early registration. If you would like to do this, please email hotl@lakewashingtonrowing.com with the club name and event #s of the two early entries and the event # of the new entry you would like before early registration closes on September 20. NO other substitutions are allowed. (Examples: You cannot swap a Mens Masters 4x for a Mens Masters 4+ but you can turn a Mens Masters 2x and a Womens Masters 2x into a Mixed Masters 4x. You can combine 2 1x entries for a 4x. You cannot turn a 1x entry into a 2x entry.)
  • Any Junior, U-17 or Masters entries made during early registration must be scratched before standard registration begins on September 21 to receive a refund.
  • If you run into difficulty completing your early entry, email hotl@lakewashingtonrowing.com with the event #, the club name and the nature of the problem. Please alert us to problems before early registration closes. Your entry will not be guaranteed once early registration closes.

Standard Registration

Standard registration opens on Friday September 21 at noon and will operate on a first come first serve basis. Depending on the number of entries received during early registration, some events may only be available for waitlist entries. We will update the HOTL 2018 Regatta Central News page with Standard Registration information before Standard Registration opens.


Racing News

All coxswains and coaches please read the HOTL rules page before racing. Download and review the HOTL 2018 Handbook and HOTL Race Map.

The mandatory coaches and coxswains meeting is at 6AM Sunday at the Hec Edmundson Pavillion southwest of the Conibear Shell House at the University of Washington.

We expect to publish the first draft of the heat sheet with bow numbers on Wednesday October 31.

The scratch deadline for early entries is Friday September 21 at Noon. Early Entries scratched after September 21 at noon will not receive a refund.

The scratch deadline for Standard Entries is Sunday October 14 at midnight. Standard Entries scratched after October 14 at midnight will not receive a refund. You may make line-up changes to existing entries through October 24th. Email HOTL@lakewashingtonrowing.com to make line-up changes after October 24th.

Pre-purchase HOTL gear at HOTL Merchandise...

Event Times listed are approximate and subject to change based on number of entries.

Trailer Parking If you are arriving with a trailer, read the information on parking...  Information for car parking can be found at the same location.

First Place Award Ceremonies First place medals for each event are distributed at the Head Of The Lake Awards Ceremonies at the Conibear Shell House from 10:30AM to 1:45PM. Once the results for your race are final, first place crews should come to Conibear to receive medals. If you do not receive your medals race day, they can be picked up at LWRC.

The 2018 HOTL handbook is available. 2018 HOTL Handbook...

For more information please visit http://lakewashingtonrowing.com/home/39th-annual-head-of-the-lake/

Daylight savings time ends at 2AM on race day November 4.