Tough Cup

  • Hosted By: Chicago Training Center
  • 2018 Registered Regatta

CTC Tough Cup Information

The Tough Cup is back and happy to announce the 2018 addition.  Racing will be held on the South Branch of the Chicago River from Pulaski to Loomis (please see map attached) in normal head racing format. 

The purpose of the Tough Cup is to bring the Chicago Rowing Community together and help support the further development of Chicago’s waterways for positive recreation and use.  Since 2009 Chicago Training Center has used the south branch of the Chicago River System to train its participants and this regatta allows us to highlight the daily training path we follow.  In the name of inclusion – the trophy is a points based trophy that not only uses the results on the water but also a land focused event to round out the day.

Regatta Location - 2828 S Eleanor St Chicago IL 60608

Coaches and Coxwain Meeting - Meeting will be held at 7:00am at the race site.  I suggest all rowers and coaches arrive at the site at 6am to prep for the race and meeting.  First race hits the dock at 7:20am (for an 8:00 am race time) and with the number of boats entered we will progress through the staging at a quick rate.  Dock Master reserves the right to scratch crews that show up late and are unable to boat in a timely manner (will be determined and disused at meeting). 

Points - There is designation between Varsity and Novice for this regatta.  All entries submitted must be in ranking order of speed.  Points will only be awarded to crews that finish in the top 3 per event inclusive.  All entrants can race no more than twice and novices can only race once.

Waiver - Please see the attached waiver here.  Please have your competitors fill this waiver out in full and present it when you register your team.

T-shirt Purchase - T-shirts will be provided by FineDesigns

Food - There will be one food vendor on premise. Please do not rely on this vendor for full food options.