Sarasota International Coastal Race

  • Nov 22, 2019 To Nov 24, 2019
  • coastal

  • Sarasota, FL (USA)
  • Hosted By Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

On this page is: 

  • Local Regatta Rules
  • Eligibility Requirements (scroll to the bottom)



Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association recognizes the importance of creating a safe and fair field of play and providing a positive experience for the coastal rowing athlete.  All athletes should monitor weather, wind, tide and other conditions on the race course. 

The Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association generally follows the rules defined by FISA in Appendix 22 "Coastal rowing competition regulations - event regulations and/or departures from the FISA rules of racing."

The Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association Regatta will be run using a modified FISA Beach Sprint format and rules.  Certain rules that are emphasized, modified or deleted are noted below.  Each athlete should familiarize themselves with these rules recognizing that they are not consistent with the rules of a traditional rowing regatta.


Traffic Pattern and Course Map

A course map will be provided at the regatta and be reviewed at the Captains Meeting. The course map includes:


(a) The location of Emergency Medical Stations

(b) The boundaries of the racing course.

(c) The traffic pattern to be used by Crews while launching, racing on the Course itself, and traveling after the finish.

(d) A map of the Course, including all traffic patterns and special regulations on the water.  To the extent possible all known obstacles that may interfere with a Crew’s progress on or near the Course will be noted. If conditions call for a different traffic pattern during practice hours than during racing, such practice traffic pattern shall also be posted.

(e) Right of way rules during the Race may include locations at which passing or over taking is not allowed. If required these will be noted on the course map.


FISA Rules of Coastal Racing (as modified)


Modified FISA rules for Beach Sprint Coastal racing will be utilized for the event.  Crews should familiarize themselves with these rules.  The LOC reserves the right to further modify these rules as needed with notification at the Captain's meeting.

Modifications include the following:


Appendix 22


Rule Number                Modification

3. Deleted

4. Deleted

5. Deleted

6. Deleted

7. Athletes must be members of a USRowing Member Organization, sign a USRowing waiver, and be a member in good standing of USRowing.

8. The Sarasota Coastal Regatta is open to all Colligate and Master rowers as defined by USRowing. The USRowing age classification system will be used for handicapping.

10. The weight of a Coxswain will not be considered as part of the boat weight. Coxswain will not be required to establish weight, carry weight, or weigh in.

12. The Sarasota Coastal Regatta will hold the following events:

Men: C1X, C2X, C4X

Women: C1X, C2X, C4X

Mixed: C2X, C4X - mixed boat will require 50% men and 50% women, excepting the coxswain.

13.4. Each boat must carry a number firmly affixed to each side of the bow.  The number will be provided by the LOC prior to racing.

13.5 Each member of the crew will be provided an individual racing bib and number. The individual crew number is to be firmly affixed to the crew members back.

Each crew member will be issued a timing chip.  The timing chip is to be worn  on the leg or wrist.

15.1 A map depicting the general location of the race will be provided in the Race Packet.  The race course and turning marker locations will be provided at the Captain's meeting.  The Race Director and Chief Referee reserve the right to adjust the race course at any time during the competition to assure the safety of crews and the fairness of the course.

18. Deleted

21. Crews will be randomly selected to participate in heats.  Crew heat assignments will be posted at the Captain's meeting.

24.1. Deleted

31. Each member of the Jury shall hold a valid USRowing Referee license

32. The Jury will not be using yellow cards or red cards.  Crews will be notified of penalties and warnings verbally.

34. There will be no protests. After hearing an objection, the ruling of each referee will be binding.

35. Deleted

36. Deleted

37. Deleted


Special Notifications


(1) A Crew is deemed to be overtaking another Crew when it has "actively" moved to within one length of open water of the Crew ahead.

(2) On those portions of the Course that are straight, a Crew being overtaken shall not move to block the overtaking crew but must maintain its course.  The overtaking boat must proceed around the boat being overtaken. A Crew being overtaken that blocks or attempts to block the overtaking Crew shall be penalized 60 seconds or excluded.

(3) At a turning buoy, a Crew being overtaken shall move to the outside of the turn and allow an "actively" overtaking Crew to pass along the shorter path.

(4) Passing is not allowed, nor is the Crew being overtaken required to yield, in cases where the overtaking Crew’s position clearly prevents safe passage or where there is insufficient room to yield.

(5) At turning markers, crews should avoid interference with another crew.  All crews must round each turning marker. Failure to round a turning marker will result in a DNF causing the crew to not advance nor be placed in the final ranking.

(6) Crew's may raise an objection at the end of a race by notifying the Referee-On-The-Water assigned to follow their race.  Upon consultation with the Chief Referee a determination will be made.  The determination will be final without further protest by the crew.

Course Specifications


The course shall comply with the following specifications:


(a) Body of Water: Gulf of Mexico or Sarasota Bay (weather dependent)

(b) Lanes: NA for coastal rowing.

(c) Depth: NA for coastal rowing.

(d) Perimeter: There shall be a distance of at least 50 meters between the outer perimeter or the Course and the shore (with the exception of the starting point), and 50 meters of any obstacle, or any fixed installation.

(e) Obstacles: There shall be no fixed obstructions on the Course, such as bridge abutments or islands.

(f) Buoys: A buoy system shall be used, in which each turn-point is marked with a floating buoy. The buoys shall be of supple construction.

(g) Starting Stations: All starts shall be beach starts with the boats positioned at the shoreline and one crew member starting from the shoreline

(h) Starter: The Starter shall be behind the starting line in the center of the Course. The Starter shall provide a countdown beginning 10 minutes before each race and announce: 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute.  At the start the Starter shall: (1) Announce "Attention" (2) Raise a Red Starter Flag above the head. (3) Announce "Go" while simultaneously dropping the Red Starter Flag.  Movement of the Red Starter Flag shall signify the start of the race.

 (i) Communications: The Starter, Judge at Start, Launch and Recovery area and Referees on the water, shall be capable of direct communication with each other by radio, telephone, or other medium.

(j) Repair Facilities: In the vicinity of the starting line there shall be a facility equipped with tools to make simple repairs on boats.

(k) Launch/Recovery Area: Boats shall be beach launched and recovered at the waterline.

(l) Crew Identification Responsibility: All crews will be responsible for notifying the Launch/Recovery Area station monitor (referee or volunteer) that they are launching.  All crews will be responsible for notifying the Launch/Recovery Area monitor when they have returned to shore.  Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the event.

(f) First Aid: First-aid facilities shall be provided at the regatta site capable of dealing with minor injuries, and of providing immediate attention for hypothermia, drowning, dehydration, and heat stroke. The first-aid facility shall have the capability of summoning an ambulance, paramedics, or other emergency assistance that is onsite. Direct communication must be available and a protocol for engaging medical staff reviewed by the Regatta Director, Chief Referee, and Medical Personnel. The Chief Referee will communicate the procedures to the other Race Officials.



In order to compete at the Sarsaota International Coastal Race, you must:

  • Represent an organization in good standing with your country's national rowing federation recognized by FISA or its national Olympic committee
  • Be a registered member of your country's national rowing federation recognized by FISA or its national Olympic committee


For the US - your organization must be a member of USRowing, and you must also have an individual membership with USRowing. 

If you are not affiliated with a club, or your club is not a member, you can become a member of the host, the Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association, for $39. This fee will also cover your USRowing Individual Membership. You can register below: