Ithaca Inlet Ice Breaker Invitational

  • Hosted By Cascadilla Boat Club, Ltd.
This year, the t is a sleeveless tank top, in bright white designed by Varsity rowers Ella Sarachan and Carver Jordan. 
On the back (not shown), will be the date,  April 26, 2015, followed by the name of all registered teams.  
To get your own, simply fill out the pre-order questionnaire and then bring $12 to the CBC tent the day of the Icebreaker to pick it up.
To pre-order, fill out the questionnaire through the link below (hosted by SurveyMonkey).
The Survey will close this  Thursday evening, April 16th to give us enough time to have the tanks printed and organized. We order very few extras so do not delay on pre-ordering.
We look forward to seeing you soon, oars and bells in hand!
Kate Salmon and Bonnie Comella
Cascadilla Boat Club Apparel
(607) 351-9874