Provincetown Coastal Rowing Regatta & Mini Triathlon

  • Hosted By: Orleans Sweeps and Sculls
  • Cancelled

PCRR Volunteer Opportunities - Download Below Info 

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Al Flanders at (774) 316-4778 or click here to send an email with your name, phone, and the type of volunteer work you would like to do.  

Check-in - 5Hrs (2 Volunteers needed): have athletes sign waiver if needed, distribute bow numbers for each race, answer questions and instruct athletes where to go.

T-Shirts - 9Hrs/2 Shifts AM 7:30-11:30am and 11:00-4:00pm (1 Volunteer needed): sit at the check-in table and give out the shirts and sell shirts if needed, help with check-in.

Raffle Ticket Sales (1 Volunteer needed): sit at the check-in table and sell raffle tickets to support Orleans Sweeps & Sculls Youth Program to purchase Little Boats to teach children 5 and older to row. This volunteer will also help out with check-in if needed.

Beach Master - 6Hrs (3 Volunteers needed): check all boats at the beach site to make sure that all equipment has bow markers, athletes have number on their shirt, answer questions an assist athletes if needed, help athletes launch and get out of the water with all of their equipment.

Launch Drivers - 5Hrs (3-4 Volunteers needed): willing and able to operate a motorboat for 4 - 5 hours and to assist the referees.

Marshals - 5Hrs (2 Volunteers needed - one at the starting area and one at the finish area): Willing to sit in a boat and help monitor the athletes as they launch and warmup in the warmup area before the start of the race. Making sure the athletes approaching the finish line will not be interfered with.

Raffle Ticket Sales - 2Hrs (1 Volunteer needed): Sell raffle tickets at the Surfside Hotel during the party/awards ceremony.

Greeters (2 Volunteers needed): before the races, be in the check-in area and at the beach front area. during the race be with the spectators and general public, during the party be at the Surfside Hotel.  Offer assistance to the athletes, spectators and the public and try to get feedback about how the race could be better in the future.

First Aid/Medical - 5HRS (2 Volunteers needed)

Clean Up - 30' (1 Volunteer needed): to walk the beach after racing is over and collect all debris and any lost items.

Clean Up - 30' (1 Volunteer needed): to help cleanup after the lunch at the Surfside Hotel.

Boat Unloading - 2Hrs (2 Volunteers needed): to help athletes get their boats to the beach area from their cars.

Boat Loading - 2Hrs (2 Volunteers needed): help athletes get their boats back on their cars.

Working the Party/Lunch - 2Hrs (4 Volunteers needed): to work before and during the party, help set up the tables and clean the tables during the event.

Timing - 5Hrs (3 Volunteers needed): responsible for timing the start and finish of all 5 races .  All 3 timers will time each race so all 3 of you will be working together to get the correct times.

Runners - 5Hrs (2 Volunteers needed): get times to the computer people and then post the results at the Surfside Hotel and at the beach.

Computer/Results - 5Hrs (2 Volunteers needed): uploading the results from the timers posting them on the OSS website and hopefully on ROW2K. Give copies to the Runner to be posted at the beach and the Surfside Hotel.

Awards/Trophies - 2Hrs (2 Volunteers needed): get the names of the winners so that the MC will read the appropriate name.  Get the crew together at the appropriate time so that the awards presentation will be organized.

Miscellaneous Jobs (4 Volunteers needed): Mr. or Mrs. Fix it,  beach person, fill in when needed, etc.  Also volunteers needed to insure no drinking is taking place across Commercial Street from the Surfside Hotel.