Head Up the Creek

  • Hosted By: False Creek Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2019)
  • Cancelled

Coxing weighins.

We are supposed to weigh the coxes to make sure they have had enough Tim Bits. We will do this if we remember. I think coxes for crews under 19 have to weigh at least 45 KG, and coxes for "adult" crews have to weigh 55 kg. Don't get too worked up about it: this isn't that kind of regatta. 

Novice Crews

Crews that learned to row in the previous 15 months may indicate their boat as Novice on the registration for that crew. This will be used to determine their placing in prize category 1. The winner of the Novice Award will be based on the best performance relative to the standard for their boat type, age and gender (predicted time/actual time as a percentage - highest value wins).

Boat Classes and Entries

The race is open to 8+, 4+, 4x, 4x+, 2x and 1x entries. 4x+ entries should submit their entries under the 4x category. There are no pairs or straight four entries permited.

Each boat type is open to crews of any age from Under 15 to really really old. Crew age is based on crew average and there is no requirement for all members to be under a certain age. For example: a 26 year old racing with three 14 year olds is therefore in a boat will have a boat average of 17, qualifying them as Youth or Under 19 crew for prize determination. They might also find parents who do not think highly of at least 1 person's actions waiting for them at the dock.

National Team members are welcome to row, but must row as part of a member club of RCA. 


The regatta operates under the Rowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing. 

  • http://rowingcanada.org/coaching-and-umpiring/rules-racing
  • Tides, currents, water conditions, obstacles, floating and submerged objects, boats anchored or moving (not entered in the regatta), the shore, and paddlers are part of the event and cannot form the basis of a protest.
  • Coxies do not need to be weighed in.
  • Uniforms are appreciated, but staying warm is more important.