John Hunter Regatta

  • Hosted By: St. Andrew Rowing Club
  • 2020 Registered Regatta
  • Cancelled

CAUTION – Travel in the Atlanta and I85, I75, I285 Interstate areas on Friday afternoons is very congested.  If you are going through Atlanta to Gainesville it is suggested to schedule your through time no later than 2:00p.m. Friday afternoon or after 7:00p.m. Friday. MapQuest or other computer mapping Websites may be able to suggest alternative routing.Friday

John Hunter Regatta Parking Information

General Parking $10/Parking on-site:

Handicap, VIP, and Vendor Parking -– Please proceed into the lot and park in the designated parking spaces. Please DO NOT block the Shuttle bus pathway/turnaround.

Shuttle Bus, Athlete, Tent City & Handicap Drop-Off ONLY- After drop-off, please exit the lot and proceed to your destination. Turn right for General Parking ($10)

Dock Side Parking:

Trailer, coaches and referee parking –Once you’ve entered the lot, please follow parking attendant’s directions.

GENERAL PARKING/$10 – Straight Past Venue on Left

Please have your $10 ready (exact change is appreciated) and follow directions into the lot.



This is a two-day regatta event. We will have the college teams and junior teams park in separate areas so that there is minimized cross traffic of parking trailers and boats. 

On Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, college teams are to load in the spaces closest to the the drive entry from Clark's Bridge Rd (Red Zone) and fill in moving clockwise down the both sides of the drive aisle. 

On Saturday afternoon, the junior teams are to park in the spaces closest to the water and docks (blue zone). College teams can exit the trailer lot without interfering with the junior team accessing the dock areas. 


- Team vans and mini-buses are not allowed to park in the trailer lot.

- Team vans, shuttles and mini-buses will drop on the Tower lot side similar to the team coach buses. 

- Mini buses and vans can park on site,

- Coach buses will need to drop and leave the venue parking area.  Coach buses are not allowed to wait in venue parking; only allowed to stay will loading and unloading teams. Coaches to arrange for an offsite location for bus and method to communicate pickup. 

- These instructions may be amended for extreme weather conditions.