John Hunter Regatta

  • Hosted By: St. Andrew Rowing Club
  • 2020 Registered Regatta
  • Cancelled

USRA Racing Rules
USRowing racing rules will apply. The official USRowing Rules of Rowing book is available from USRowing. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before attending the coaches/coxswain meeting. The regatta committee will not discuss rules of racing at this meeting.

One person from each team is expected to attend the Coaches and Coxswains meeting as course safety, last minute changes, flights, and start times may be discussed.  Attendance will be checked. The Coaches and Coxswains meeting will take place at the main boathouse on the dock side of the coarse 90 minutes prior to the first race. i.e. 7:30 a.m. for a 9 a.m. start.

Registration Information

Teams will not be added to the heat sheet until waivers and fees are current. T-Shirt designs will be sent off to press at the close of registration. To ensure your club is included, please submit entries by the deadline. 

Heat Sheets will become available in the Heat Sheet/Draw tab by Sunday, March 15, 2018. Heat sheets will be updated daily to reflect changes until the close of the Coaches & Coxswains Meeting(s). Teams not paid by the deadline will not be included on the heat sheets; upon payment they will be placed in the outside lanes. 

Traffic Pattern
The traffic pattern from the launching docks follows the East shoreline, (opposite of the Olympic Tower), upstream to the start area keeping the starboard side close to the shore. There will be no passing of boats moving toward the start. The marshal at the launch dock area will direct boats to proceed upstream. Maintain single file, following the shoreline, to the start area. Competitors must be within hailing distance of the start marshal 15 minutes before race time.

Practice Session
The course is open for practice on Friday, March 20th from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. For safety purposes, no boats will be allowed to launch before 2 p.m. or after 5:30 p.m. All crews must be off the water by 6:00 p.m. During the practice session, the race day traffic patterns will apply throughout the course.

Youth team practice will begin following the end of the college racing events, approximately 4:00pm.

Bow Numbers
Bow numbers for each boat will be required. It will be the team’s responsibility to supply their own bow numbers.  

If a team does not have their own bow number, the organizing committee will make them available to you at the control commission tent after receiving a refundable deposit of $5.00 per number. Crews will not be allowed on the water without a bow number. 

Foot Gear Release and Shell Safety
The feet of the competitor are held by footgear affixed to the stretcher of the boat.  The design of the footgear shall provide for the quick release of the competitor’s feet, without the use of hands, in case of a boat capsize. Such design may consist of Velcro or pull strings at the heels.

All boats will be checked for such appropriate footgear. If such footgear is not present at all seats that boat will not be allowed to launch. The checking of the boats will occur prior to launch. 

No racing shell will be allowed to race or practice without a bow ball.


  • Lightweights
  • Note: There will be no weigh-ins for coxswains or collegiate rowers. Youth lightweight rowers must weigh-in the day of the regatta.
    • A collegiate men's lightweight crew shall have no rower who weighs more than 160 lbs
    • A collegiate women's lightweight crew shall have no rower who weighs more than 130 lbs
    • A youth men’s lightweight crew shall have no rower that weighs more than 150 lbs
    • A youth women's lightweight crew shall have no rower who weighs more than 130 lbs
    • Athletes rowing lightweight shall follow the USRowing Junior Lightweight Compliance Program Protocol :  USRowing is responsible for the administration and implementation of this program. All dates, deadlines and submission requirements are set by USRowing. The deadline for 2020 submissions is 15 March. No athlete who is not certified on the Portal as Lightweight will eligible to row in a lightweight event. Lightweight weight for men is 150 lbs. Lightweight weight for women is 130 lbs.

    • The weight of Rowers in lightweight Events as described in Rule 4-104.3 (“Lightweights”) shall be determined once each day during either the Weigh-in Window or the Adjusted Weigh-in Window but not both. Each Rower shall have only one (1) initial opportunity to weigh in. A Rower within one (1.0) pound or less of the weight standard is allowed one (1) re-weigh within the same window as their initial opportunity. A Rower whose initial weight is greater than one (1.0) pound above the weight standard will be ineligible to compete in the Event.

    • Any rower that began rowing after the 2019 John Hunter Regatta.
  • 2nd Varsity/JV & 3rd Varsity Classifications
    • No crew may enter a 2nd Varsity/JV event without a corresponding Varsity entry (e.g. a crew must race a 1st Varsity 4+ in order to race a 2nd Varsity/JV 4+). The same rule applies to 3rd Varsity entries, where a crew must enter a 2nd Varsity/JV entry to qualify. This does not apply to Lightweight and Novice entries.
    • A rower may not race in a lower level boat of the same boat class (i.e. rowers in the Varsity 8+ may not race in the 2nd or 3rd Varsity 8+; 2nd Varsity 8+ rowers may not race in the 3rd Varsity 8+). This rule will not apply to coxswains for the 2019 regatta.
    • Crews should race their boats in order of speed where a team's 1st Varsity should be faster than their 2nd Varsity and their 2nd Varsity should be faster than their 3rd Varsity. 
    • In events where a team has multiple entries, the "A" designation should reflect a team's fastest entry. This should apply to all subsequent entries (B, C, D, etc). 

Calling Events
Crews will be called to launch by the dock master. First call will be forty-five minutes prior to the scheduled race time. No crews will be allowed on the water before being called or for additional practice time on the day of the race.

The Start
The start area marshals and USRowing referees will be positioned in launches and on the start and alignment platforms for the purpose of organizing participating crews above the start and getting the competitors into the proper starting order and time intervals. Listen to the directions of the officials. 

Crews shall be responsible for maintaining their proper order and interval between themselves and other crews as well as in the staging area at the start. 

The race will begin from the start platforms with stake boat holders at each lane position. The USRowing referee start official will call crews to the start approximately five minutes prior to the start. All crews not currently involved in the staging of the start of the next race shall yield to crews being summoned to the start by the marshal. Interference with the staging of the start may result in a penalty. Crews must be attached to their starting position at least 2 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their race.

The Finish
After crossing the finish line, crews shall return to the launch dock area keeping close to the West shoreline (finish tower side of the run out area), through the arches on the right side of Clark’s Bridge, and proceeding to the recovery dock.  Please follow the directions of the dock master. Returning crews should yield to and avoid interfering with the launching crews.

Intent to file a protest must be indicated on the water immediately following the finish of a race. The protest must be made to a USRowing official before the crew leaves the area between the finish tower and recovery docks. After a crew returns to the recovery dock, all right to protest is waived. 

The regatta will consider a protest from the coach or coaching representative (only one coach or coaching representative per protest is allowed) per USRowing rules and the fee of $50 is submitted to the LOC. The protest must be filed with the Regatta Director and the fee paid within one (1) hour of the boat returning to the dock. The Regatta Jury will consider appeals from crews who have been assessed a penalty.

Hot Seating

Hot seating is permitted at your own risk.  

Officials at the start will not wait for boats that are doubling up athletes that are rowing in an eight and also a four.  If you choose to race both championship events with the same athletes and both boats make the finals, then you will hot seat at your own risk.  

You may notify the Dock Master at the launch that your boat is going to hot seat.  The dock master will give you a brightly colored card for the coxswain to show / wave as the boat approaches the recovery dock.  Every effort will be made to safely get your boat and/or rowers to the recovery dock for hot seating changes.

Number of Entries

  • Teams may have ONE entry in the varsity 4+ and 8+ events.
  • Teams may have MULTIPLE entries in all other events.
  • Events with less than TWO entries will not be run.


All race participants must wear one type of representative rowing uniform.


Results will be posted in real-time using Google Docs. 



*failure to comply to the rules of the regatta could result in disqualification