Upper Potomac Erg Sprints

  • Hosted By: Rock Ridge Rowing
  • 2019 Indoor Open Regatta

Lightweights and Weigh-In

Any competitor in a lightweight event or rowing as a lightweight in an open weight event must weigh in on race day.

  • The Weigh-in window for each event is 1-hour  
    • The window opens two hours before and ending one hour before their race time.
  • Weight limits
    • Women: 135 lbs (61.24 kgs) max for all women and
    • Men: 165 lbs (74.84 kgs) max for all men.
    • Weight is measured in pounds on the events scale.
  • Weigh-in attire is required.
    • This is limited to a minimum of a unisuit or shorts and a top that covers the torso.
    • There are no naked weigh-ins.
  • Athletes who successfully weigh-in will receive a wristband to confirm their lightweight classification.
  • Athletes who registered as a lightweight and fail to weigh in for any reason
    • Will row at their originally assigned (Lightweights  event) time and erg.
    • Results will be recorded in the corresponding heavy/open weight event.