Memorial Meter MAYhem

  • May 25, 2020 To May 31, 2020
  • virtual
  • Buffalo, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association


  • The designated team captain should be the individual who completes the registration form (team captain should be seated at 4 for the 4x or 2 seat for the 2x). Please use an up to date email for the captain's RC login, or provide an alternative email in the bio section of the registration form. 
  • Make a new affiliation in order to enter your team name or type it into the Bio section. Please make all names family-friendly. 

Tracking meters:

  • Running, walking and erging meters count as is, but cycling meters (indoors or outdoors) will be cut in half.
  • Your team captain will have access to a Google sheet where your team's daily meters will be updated. Each teammate must send verification of their meters via screenshot or photo of their session and send it to their captain. The team captain of each team is responsible for keeping their teammates screenshots and photos compiled. 
  • Athletes can do a combination of running, erging or cycling throughout the week, or they can do the same method the whole time
  • Teams can be comprised of individuals using different methods of getting those meters 
  • There are no handicaps for this event

Tracking Team Progress: 

Daily team rankings will be posted on, as well as our Instagram and Facebook


The team that records traveling the most meters in each category will be deemed the victor and each team member will receive a custom Memorial Meter MAYhem t-shirt.

Verifying meters:

Upon completion of the competition, each winning team will send their compiled screenshots and photos for the regatta staff to verify the accuracy of that team's meter reporting.