Head of the Welland - Five Bridges Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: South Niagara Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2021)

Head Of The Welland Regatta
Saturday September 25th, 2021


COVID Officer: Helen Taylor


Hand sanitizer stations available at

  • COVID screening stations
  • finish tower
  • start

Hand sanitizer stations at each trailer site will be the responsibility of the club.

Coach boats assigned to specific volunteers/umpires

Volunteer to be assigned to medical tent to clean/sanitize in between patients

Regular sanitization/cleaning of portable toilets to be done

Volunteer lunches to be individually packaged, distributed by individual(s) wearing a mask

No items will be left on docks. Oars will be carried down/away with shells, and shoes will be taken in boat or away with coach.

Items provided to volunteers by the regatta such as walkie-talkies will not be shared


Self-screening to be completed by all attendees1 after 4am Sep 25th and prior to entry of the regatta site and verified at the check-in desk (umpires & volunteers at finish tower)

Contact tracing check-in to be completed by all attendees after 4am Sep 25th and prior to entry of the regatta site and verified at the check-in desk (umpires & volunteers at finish tower)

Attendees will be asked to certify that they have reviewed the COVID documents in the regatta package and abide by public health policies.

Attendees will be asked to provide contact tracing information (name and phone number or email) to be documented.


One way on land flow pattern

Increased launch window to minimize traffic on docks

Dock Marshalls to control dock access to prevent crowding

Each trailer site to be distanced from others

Increased portable washroom stations, spread out on site to avoid crowding

There will be no item storage for athletes, volunteers, umpires, etc. People need to bring what they need with them at all times

Athletes, coaches etc. recommended to remain at their team’s trailer site between races, except to use the washroom & get drinking water.

There will be no spectator area or gathering places. Each team will have its own site, for their use only. Grandstands to be taped off.

When more than one person in a coach boat or safety boat, masks must be worn at all times unless they are in the same family

Umpires and volunteers must wear masks while indoors in the Finish Tower

Medals are to be taken by the athlete from the medal tray, there will be no medal presenters

Personal Protective Equipment

Masks, gloves to be available for volunteers from three locations; Regatta Site office; Finish Tower & First Aid Station

Masks to be required whenever individuals come within 2m (including but not limited to),

  • trailer loading and unloading,
  • docking, launching,
  • Timing Tower/Office

Masks to be recommended at all other times, except while racing

All indoor spaces are closed off to athletes and coaches, only authorized personal will be permitted indoors and will be required to always wear a mask, including in finish tower


Walkie-Talkies for quick, communication between regatta leaders will be provided

Emergency Management

If an individual reports COVID symptoms, they will be directed to the COVID isolation area beside the Regatta Office. PPE will be provided to an individual designated to care for that person.  PPE will be located in the Regatta Site Office.

Ziploc bags for the hygienic disposal of soiled PPE and other items are also located in the same location.  The person should leave the site as soon practical after isolation.

Individual who reports COVID symptoms, shall complete the self-assessment either while waiting to be picked up from the regatta site or as soon as they get home.


The individual shall follow the steps outlined after that assessment. 

If the individual is unable to complete this self-assessment, it will be completed by the individual who is caring for that person.