Head of the Welland - Five Bridges Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: South Niagara Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2021)

Regatta Package - Download Here 

We hope that our regatta package for the Head of the Welland will answer any questions you have about regatta. It includes a list of events, competitive categories, fees, registration instructions, together with information you will need to know about  launching and wet launching.


As per RCA Classifications
A rower may compete as a Master from the beginning of the year during which s/he attains the age of 21.
University/Collegiate - OPEN
A rower who in the current calendar year does currently and has been continuously enrolled in a post-secondary school as a full time student seeking a diploma or degree. 
Junior/Under 17
A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 17 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in
which s/he reaches the age of 16.
Junior/ Under 19
A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 19 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in
which s/he reaches the age of 18.
A rower or coxswain of any age may compete in an Open event.

(Handicapping)  AGE ADJUSTED RACES
Master’s events will be (handicapped ) ADJUSTED FOR AGE. (A handicap )ADJUSTMENT  is awarded per RCA age category based on average age of the crew, not including coxies using the Henley (handicap)  ADJUSTMENT system.

Please see the Events List and Schedule online. Every effort will be made to keep to the published events schedule; but race times are subject to change. Two (2) entries are required to run an event.

Composite Crews:
Composite Crews will be allowed.


Passing under any bridge improperly will result in a 30-second penalty in addition to any buoy violation penalties incurred by doing so.

Boats will row to the start line, north along the waterway’s west bank (to the coxswain's left,scullers right). Boats rowing to the start will at all times stay in the up lane. The up lane is the western most lane, clearly divided on the waterway by large orange buoys (the port side of the course looking North and the west bank). Passing another boat in the up lane to the start line is permitted except when under bridges. Boats in transit to the start may also be charged a penalty for crossing the buoys into the race course.

****Crews are not permitted to go beyond the marshalling area at the start. This includes boats launching from the Community Boat House. The penalty for this is 20 seconds.****

Passing is allowed on the race course. Boats passing other racing boats shall pass on the more open side as they approach, preferably toward the centre of the course; the overtaken boat will yield to the side not chosen by the overtaking boat. Passing is permitted along the entire race course EXCEPT FOR THE AREA BETWEEN THE MAIN AND DIVISION ST BRIDGES. Passing another boat should only be done if necessary. If a crew passes another boat in the no-pass zone, their action may result in exclusion.

Any racing boat crossing the buoys (with any part of the hull of the boat, but not the oars) will becharged a penalty of 10 seconds per crossing.

All boats must finish between the finish line buoys, and any boat finishing outside the buoys will be charged a 20 second penalty.

Any boat which, without justification, interferes with the forward progress of another boat, or which unreasonably fails to yield to an overtaking boat will be charged a one-minute time penalty or be excluded, at the discretion of the officials.