Quinsigamond Snake Regatta

  • Hosted By: Quinsigamond Rowing Association, Inc.
  • 2021 Registered Regatta
Date: Sunday, October 17, 2021
Race Schedule: 7:50 AM   Coaches and Coxswain's Meeting at the Donahue Rowing Center
Mixed Collegiate Alumni 8
Womens Collegiate 4+
Women's Collegiate Novice 4+
Mens Collegiate Novice 4+
Mens Collegiate 4+
Womens Collegiate 8
Womens Collegiate Novice 8
Mens Collegiate Novice 8
Mens Collegiate 8
Past Results: View Past Regatta Results
Entries Open: Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Entry Deadline: Midnight, Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Boatings Due: Midnight, Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Entry Fees: See Regatta Central
Registration: Register for the regatta at Regatta Central
Location: The Donahue Rowing Center on Lake Quinsigamond. Directions
Parking: Parking at the DRC is limited, please share the ride.
Course: A "Head Race" of approximately 2.5 miles beginning at Sugarloaf Is. and finishing at the Donahue Rowing Center. View the course map. The Course is clearly marked by buoys. Keep buoys on starboard side at all times.
Eligibility: Collegiate Eights and Fours. 
Alumni entries are allowed only for participating collegiate programs.
Collegiate events are intended for crews representing a collegiate institution.
Launching: All Crews should launch from The Donahue Rowing Center. Boats should launch no later than 40 minutes before race time. A dock master will be present to expedite boat traffic.
Course Markings: There will be buoys at periodic points on the race course and a string of buoys from the narrows to the RT 9 Bridge. Keep buoys on starboard side at all times during warm up and race. There will be two buoys marking the start and finish of the race.
Traffic Patterns:

Traffic to the Start

Boats will launch off south side of dock and proceed down the Shrewsbury shore (see map).

Continue through second arch from left ( Shrewsbury shore ) of Rt 9 Bridge.

Proceed carefully through Narrows. There will be a marshal stationed at Narrows to indicate if it is safe to proceed.

Boats warming up must allow racing crews precedence at Narrows.

Failure to follow instructions from the marshal at the Narrows will result in a 60 second penalty.

After Narrows, stay to the left of the Islands and proceed until last island.

Do not go beyond second lake narrowing into South Bay. A marshal will gather crews at this point and redirect them back up the Worcester Shore towards the Start.

Keep buoys on starboard side at all times.

Racing Traffic

Racing crews must use the third arch from the right ( Shrewsbury shore ) of the RT 9 Bridge. (see map)

Participants not passing between the finish line buoys are subject to disqulification from the race.

Boats must row clear of the finish area and proceed up to the RT 290 Bridge before crossing the lake and returning to dock on the north side of the dock.

Method of Start:

Each crew is responsible for being at the starting line ten minutes before the start of their race.

Boats will be started in order by bow number at roughly 10 second intervals.

Late arriving boats may lose their starting position or be excluded at the discretion of the starter.

Every reasonalble effort will be made to allow all particpants a chance to compete.

Boats must pass through the starting buoys to be officially recognized.

Rules: An athlete may only row in one event at The Snake Race. There is no hot seating allowed.

Equipment: Bowmarkers must be picked up at The Registration Desk. All boats launching must have their bowmarkers securely secured. Bowmarkers will be collected after the race. There will be a $25.00 fee for each bow number that is not returned.

Bow clips: All boats must have a bow clip.

Bowballs: All boat MUST be equipped with a bow ball.

Heel straps: All boats MUST have heel straps securely in place at launch per USRA rules.

Penalties and protests:

  1. Any boat being overtaken must grant the right of way to the upcoming boat. An overtaken boat should begin to yield no later than the point at which the overtaking crew is within one length of their stern.
  2. Boats must proceed downstream within the restraints of course buoys.
  3. Boats not observing course rules and/or impeding other crews shall be penalized at the discretion of the Regatta Officials.
    • Missed Buoy: 10 seconds (each buoy missed)
    • Interference: 60 second penalty (e.g. , not granting right of way, not clearing finish area)
    • Reckless Endangerment: 120 seconds ( failure to follow instruction at the narrows, etc.)
    • Passing through the wrong Arch at Rt. 9: 60 seconds ( Either traveling to the start or during racing)
  4. Protests must be reported to the Dock master immediately upon docking and then submitted in writing to a USRA official. The protest must contain a concise description of the incident, bow numbers of all crews involved , names of witnesses, and the relief being sought. The signature of a member of the crew lodging the protest must be included as well as a check for $25 made out to the Quinsigamond Snake Regatta. The protest must be submitted to a USRA official not more than thirty minutes after docking.