Texas Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By: White Rock Boathouse, Inc.
  • 2022 Registered Regatta

This year, White Rock Rowing is hosting the Texas Rowing Championships for the first time in Dallas. White Rock Lake offers a six lane, 2000 meter buoyed course that finishes on the south end of the lake within site of the White Rock Boathouse. Team trailers will utlize the lot northwest of the boathouse to stage equipment and athletes. Spectators are offered excellent views from the White Rock Lake Trail and the area in front of the White Rock Pump Station. 






This is a championship event. Referees will start events on time and may DQ crews who are late and/or cannot attach to the starting platform. Refs reserve the right to call a floating start. 


Events with 6 or fewer entries will go straight to the final. 


Inclement weather plan: 

This is a championship event. Varsity and then u17 events will be prioritized if event cancellations are deemed necessary. 


Event organizers and referees may shorten length of races, change the direction of racing, run an alternative course, condense the schedule, change the schedule, or take other measures to allow for racing within the confines of weather events.