Open Ocean Regatta

  • Hosted By: Open Water Rowing Center

OWRC OPEN OCEAN REGATTA: features two courses of varying difficulty and length. The courses highlight the incredible scenery and rowing conditions of San Francisco Bay and Richardson Bay. Separate event classes for open water shells, FISA-compliant coastal racing boats, and traditional open-cockpit boats, provide competitive and recreational rowers the opportunity to test themselves in a supportive, fun-filled regatta. For the first time, the Open Ocean Regatta is also welcoming SUPs, OC1s, OC2s, and surfskis, to join our race on one of the worlds best training grounds for water sports.

ATTENDING THE RACE: Rowers are encouraged to house their boats at the rowing center the night before the regatta. Parking during the regatta is available at the boathouse.

THE COURSES: The Open Ocean Regatta features two courses of varying length and water conditions for open water scullers in shells and traditional boats. All courses start and finish at the same location, about 100 meters off of Sausalito ‘old town’ near the sea lion statue. All turns are accurate, but the path of travel is an approximation—part of the race is navigation and understanding the conditions!

Strawberry Course (5.3nm): Named for the Strawberry Peninsula, the Strawberry Course is 5.3 nm (10.4 km) in more protected water. The course starts from and returns to downtown Sausalito, navigating three buoyed turns to Strawberry Peninsula and back. This course can be completed in flat-water boats with favorable weather. (See Venue page for distances and coordinates.)

Diablo Course (7.7nm): The Diablo course requires rough water skill and endurance. The course is 14.3 kilometers long. As rowers pass under the Golden Gate Bridge and enter the Pacific Ocean, they will encounter a flood tide of approximately 2 knots. After the turnaround at Point Diablo, that flood tide will carry rowers back all the way to Peninsula Point, Cone Rock, and Finish. The course encounters all types of conditions, interesting turns, and breathtaking views. (See Venue page for distances and coordinates.)

BOAT STORAGE: Boats may be stored at the OWRC boathouse on Saturday, April 30. If you plan to store a boat, please contact [email protected] to confirm time of delivery and make sure to bring your own slings for holding your boat!

BOAT RENTAL: Available on a prepaid, first-come, first-served basis with OWRC Club Members having booking priority. OWRC rents boats to rowers who have been cleared to safely row the type of boat that they are renting. Contact [email protected] for further information.

RACE DAY DETAILS: Sunday, May 1, 2022

7:00 am Boathouses Open 


9:00 am Skippers/Safety Meeting 

9:20 am Start Launching - We will start to launch shells as soon as the skippers’ meeting is over, about 9:20 am.  The start line is just over a mile from OWRC dock and it takes from 15 to 25 minutes to cover that distance. Know your speed and plan to launch early enough so that you will be at the start 10 minutes early. 

Every race participant must carry a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Pt. Diablo          Course #1:         Start time 10:00 am

Strawberry        Course #2:         Start time 10:30 am

Traditional Boats                        Start time: TBD --  May be earlier

Please be on time to the start.  We will not hold the race for latecomers. If conditions are unsafe the courses and start times will be modified.

12:30 am Lunch

PARKING: You will be directed to the boat unloading area as you drive up to the marina entrance.  As soon as you have unloaded your shell (bring slings if you have them), you’ll be directed to a parking space.  Please allow plenty of time to drop off your boat, park off-site and check in.

BOAT NUMBERS: Numbers will be assigned and an email will go out with all numbers two days before the race. Your number should be taped directly onto your boat’s hull (NOT THE DECK) with a dark colored vinyl tape.  Put the number on both sides of the bow as far forward as possible.  The numerals should be approximately 4” high, ½” wide and easy to read.

PFD’s: All boats must have a Personal Flotation Device for each rower.

LAUNCHING: All Rowers must check-in with the Dockmaster at the time you launch and must have a waiver submitted. OWRC has a 50’ dock for launching and plenty of volunteers to assist carrying shells to the dock. Since there will be quite a few boats launching, please do not carry your boat down to the dock unless your oars are already on the dock and you are ready to launch.  Leave your shells on slings until then. Long course racers will launch first.  Please follow the Dockmaster’s instructions. 

Traditional boats can launch from the beach or public boat ramps. 

AFTER THE RACE:, volunteers will help you carry your shell to your car or the boathouse.  If time and space allow, we’ll give your shell a quick wash down before you load it on your car or rack, if you wish.  The BBQ lunch will be held on the boardwalk in front of OWRC, starting at about 12:00.

Any questions? Call 415 332-1091 or email us at [email protected]

See our website,, for compass and GPS headings for the courses. Please contact  the regatta/event host with any related questions. Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]