Virginia Boat Club Sprints

  • Hosted By: Virginia Boat Club

 Friday June 17th 2022 5.30pm.

Here is the updated Heat sheet.  We have had a few crews scratching, so check your race details and race time again.   Race time will be close to yesterdays provisional sheet.  If you want to make futher changes in crew lineups, then please bring the information to the Coaches and Cox's meeting at 8.00am at the Finish Line / Dock area at the course.


 Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions

Here is the provisional Heat Sheet for the regatta. Every effort has been made to order and space races to accomodate  athletes racing in as many events as possible. In most cases a mininium gap of 40 minutes exists which is manageable. In many cases the gap is longer.  If you see a gap of less than 30 minutes between your races please contact me. 

For events where there was only one entry , we have combined boats of similiar speed into other races.  These crews are coloured  Yellow or Green.  Medals will be awarded for each event in the heat.  So  two sets of medals will be awarded for a race with a yellow coded crew, one for each category, and in the one case where there is a yellow and green crew, 3 sets of medals will be awarded for the individual boat class.   If you are an impacted crew at least you have someone to race!