Sin City Erg

  • Jan 14, 2024
  • indoor
  • Las Vegas, NV (USA)
  • Hosted By: Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation

Q: How do team events work? Are the times averaged?

A: The erg events are recorded using the Concept2 Race software.  There is a feature in the software for team events, wherein a certain number of ergs are assigned to one team.  So if you had 12 ergs, you could have a race of (6) doubles.  The designated erg numbers are simply associated with a team and the race is run.  The software then displays the progress down the course of the 6 teams.  That's how it happens.  The winning times for the six 'boats' are recorded. We have spoken.

Q: Who can enter the non-binary category?

A: Anyone who identifies as non-binary, and anyone who is in transition.  Does this mean if you are transgender, that you must compete in the non-binary category?  Yes and no.  If you are a transgender woman, you can compete in the male category or the non-binary category  If you are a transgender man, and you are not taking testosterone injections, you can compete in the female category or the non-binary category.  To be fair to all participants, we feel a non-binary category affords a more equal competitive instance.

Q: Why aren't there non-binary team events?

A: We don't feel there will be enough non-binary participants to justify separate non-binary team events. Just register in whichever team event you feel most comfortable.

Q: Why does the registration form only list male or female when you have non-binary events?

A: Since this event does not rely on a sanctioning body, the registration form defaults to what gender identities are listed in the database format for Regatta Central.  Will they every add additional gender identities? We think so but for now, you have to choose one of the two but that answer does not preclude you from entering a non-binary event.

Q: What happens if there are not enough entries in my category?

A: Your event will be rolled up into the next higher category.  

Q: Do I have to use my rowing program name? 

A: For the individual event, you can say unaffiliated, if you want, or you can list your rowing program or you can use a custom boat name that may match the boat name you have chosen for your team event.  For the team event, you have to use a boat name and you can use whatever sassy, raunchy, silly, dank faret name you want, or you can list your rowing program.

Q: I'm an ally, well okay, I'm straight.  Can I compete with my LGBTQ+ teammates?

A: Of course darlin', we don't bite ... much. 

Q: Can I bring my own erg? 

A: Nope. We know some of you like your Water Rowers, and others are RP3ers and still others can't get enough of your Hydrow Rowers and your James Dietz crushes but to record the times, you need to use our machines, a Concept2 Rower. They are all wired together.

Q: I am an adaptive rower.  Will you have equipment for my event?

A: All adaptive rowers need to bring their own equipment, whether that means a longer strap for the erg, or a fixed seat.  For PR1, we will remove the rear section of the RowErg and allow wheelchairs to approach the RowErg handle.

Q: I'm on the DL.  Can you withhold my name in the results and the published heat sheet? 

A. Sure. We will need some kind of display name but there will be no key that associates your real name with the display name.

Q: Do I need to belong to the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation to register with the Sin City Erg?

A: Well, we wish you would register.  After all, registration is free and the worldwide community is inclusive of both indoor and outdoor rowers, and coaches and race officials, and they don't ask your sexual orientation, and the community is inclusive to the broader rowing community. But no, you don't have to register. 

Q: Why is the age minimum 13 years old?

A: The Sin City Erg participation mirrors the age requirements of the Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation.  It wouldn't be fair for us to host an event that precludes membership in our community.


If you have a question that we haven't addressed, please send us an email at [email protected], attention SinCityErg2023, and we will do our best to answer it and we might add it to our list above!/