FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta

  • Hosted By: St. Catharines World Rowing


Camping & RVs
There will be 150, 14'x14' (4.25m x 4.25m) campsites available to competitors on the upper-area of Henley Island. Please note however that there is no power or water to these sites.

Tent Camping Fees- Click here to register for Camping
-150, 14'x14' (4.25m x 4.25m) campsites: $25 CDN (~17.5euros)* per night.

There will also be an additional 15 sites reserved for RVs available at the top of Henley Island, in the conventional parking lot next to the grassy area.

RV Fees- Click here to register for RV Parking
- RV sites (15' (4.6m) wide x 40' (12.2m) long): $50 CDN (~35euros)* per night.
- 15 sites available. 

*Please note: These fees do not include parking.  Parking will be available for all vehicles (driven or towed) at an additional charge.  This charge will be discounted at the time of registration and/or sign-in.

Also, there will be no power, nor water to these sites ? boon docking only.

Rules and Regulations

Please be aware that the placement of any temporary shelter (including, but not limited to: tents, lean-tos and recreational vehicles) upon the island, without the express permission of the Organizing Committee, is strictly prohibited.

The camping area will provide little or no amenities, so we ask that you prepare for such. There will be portable restroom facilities available a short distance from the camping area.
The starting and/or maintenance of an open flame is strictly forbidden within the camping area, as well as on the
island as a whole.  However, gas/propane barbecues and camp stoves for cooking, will be permitted within the confines of the camping area.
Parking will be available on paved areas only, no vehicles will be allowed on grass.

Camping check-in is after noon.  If arriving after 9pm, please contact us to make arrangements prior to your arrival.

Camping check-out is before noon.

You can book a hotel online by visiting:

The preferred hotels are all conveniently located within a 15min drive of Henley Island. Room rates at participating hotels vary depending on duration of stay; however start between $109-$119 CDN (~76-83euros)/night.

Many of the recommended hotels offer treadmills, ergometers, free weights, steam rooms, pools, and more. Please inquire about preferred amenities at the time of booking.

Cancellation policies vary by hotel, participants are encouraged to inquire at the time of booking.



Best Western Beacon Harbourside Inn & Suites Conference Centre

Address: 2793 Beacon Boulevard, Jordan Station ON L0R 1S0

Distance from Henley Island: 9.5km (5.9miles), approx. 9min

Comfort Inn St. Catharines

Address: 2 Dunlop Drive, St. Catharines ON L2R 1A2

Distance from Henley Island: 3km (1.94miles), approx. 4min

Four Points by Sheraton

Address: 3530 Schmon Parkway, Thorold ON L2V 4Y6

Distance from Henley Island: 15.2km (9.45miles), approx. 14min

Holiday Inn St. Catharines

Address: 2 North Service Road, St. Catharines ON L2N 4G9

Distance from Henley Island: 2.7km (1.68miles),approx. 4min

Quality Hotel Parkway Convention Centre

Address: 327 Ontario Street, St. Catharines ON L2R 5L3

Distance from Henley Island: 2.1km (1.31miles), approx. 3min

Travelodge St. Catharines

Address: 420 Ontario Street, St. Catharines ON L2R 5M1

Distance from Henley Island: 1.27km (0.79miles) approx. 2min

Days Inn St. Catharines

Address: 89 Meadowvale Drive, St. Catharines ON L2N 3Z8

Distance from Henley Island: 1.65km (1.03miles) approx. 3min