Head Up The Creek

  • Hosted By: False Creek Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2023)

The Rowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing, approved January 2022 will be in effect with the following Rules of Racing Exceptions:

2.5/2.6/2.10.1 coxes will not be weighed.

2.8 to calculate overall results, the regatta uses a proprietary calculation loosely based on the RCA Gold Medal Standard Times, age of the crew, competitors sex, and boat category to determine a relative standing, in addition to more standard groupings.

3.3: Bow Balls: boats constructed in compliance with Coastal Rowing Appendix 3 of the Canadian Rules of Racing approved January 2022 must comply with those Coastal Rowing bow ball or bow shape requirements.

6.1: advertising: if you can find a producer of alcohol to sponsor your boat, recognition of that sponsorship is permitted.

6.2: rowers clothing: competitors can wear whatever they feel is appropriate to the situation.

7.2 Preliminary Draw: a preliminary draw will be published not less than 2 days before the start of a the regatta.

7.7: substitutions are at the discretion of the clubs/coaches/competitors and must be reported to the regatta administration, subject to all competitors being registered for the regatta through Regatta Central. Results will be published in the name of the original competitor. And handicapping in terms of results will be based on the handicapping which puts the crew at the greatest disadvantage.

8.9: Damage to Equipment: neither the LOC or the Jury will attempt to decide who is at fault should equipment be damaged.

9.4: the draw will be performed manually using input from Coaches, and the experience of the LOC and Chief Umpire. Objections or Protests related to changes in weather or water conditions during the course of the time trials affecting the performance of the crews will not be entertained or supported by the Chief Judge at the Finish or the Board of the Jury.

10.1 & 10.2: Starting races early: if all crews are present and prepared, and race umpires are available, races may be started early at the discretion of the Starter.

Appendix 1 Time Trial Exceptions: 

2.1 Gaps between crews will be approximately 30 seconds in the Time Trial