Head of the Gorge and Tail of the Gorge Regattas

  • Hosted By: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2023)

The Regatta Site is Esquimalt Gorge Park, at 1070 Tillicum Rd, Victoria BC


  • All crews intending to bring a trailer and/or tent must notify the regatta organizers via email or during online registration. If a crew is sharing a trailer, that information must also be provided to assist the LOC in deciding where your trailer goes. Due to the limited space, for parking and rigging, priority trailer parking will be given to those trailers that are fully loaded.
  • Trailers will be parked at Esquimalt Gorge Park (1070 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 2A1). Park staff has limited trailer parking to the “dog park” area. Sections that were used for trailer parking in past years are undergoing ecological restoration and are off-limits to trailers.
  • Due to congestion, the trailer parking area can not be used to set up and rig boats. Please use the provided boat storage area to do this



  • Boat storage area will be provided at Esquimalt Gorge Park for Saturday and Sunday. Trailers should remain loaded until Saturday morning.  Competitors will keep the beach launch area clear for launch but may place small hulls above the marking tape.
  • All tents must be fully collapsed with corners released to prevent wind and rain damage in event of a storm. This protects the tents and surrounding equipment from unnecessary damage.
  • Security will be provided to increase security of hulls overnight for both Friday and Saturday nights. Neither the regatta nor Gorge Narrows Rowing Club assumes responsibility for any of the equipment. 



On-site parking is limited. Please car pool as much as possible, and use drop off areas. The venue is also accessible by BC Transit and bicycle.

There is NO overnight vehicle parking at Esquimalt Gorge Park. This includes trailer tow vehicles, as  there won’t be space to leave tow vehicles with the trailer, and they aren’t allowed in the parking lot overnight.


Umpires & Race Officials 

Saturday - Reserved in parking lots #255 & #230  adjacent to Gorge Narrows Rowing Club

Sunday - Esquimalt Gorge Park & Victoria City Canoe and Paddling Club

Crews & Volunteers

Drop-off areas and limited parking 

  • Esquimalt Gorge Park parking lot
  • along Tillicum Road and Sioux Place 

Spectators & Others

Fairway Market 272 Gorge Rd W is a 10 min walk from the venue