38th Annual Chicago Sprints

  • Jul 6, 2018 To Jul 8, 2018
  • sprint
  • 1000
  • Chicago, IL (USA)
  • Hosted By: Lincoln Park Boat Club
  • 2018 Registered Regatta


The Chicago Sprints is open to all rowers on a first come first serve basis. Once an event is closed, we will go to a waiting list and do our best to accept all entries.

Total Entries Cap - The maximum number of entries that will be accepted for the Chicago Sprints is capped for each event. Registration for each event will be wait listed once that cap has been reached.

Maximum Events per Rower - The maximum number of events for any individual rower is 4. Coxswains may participate in more than 4 events. PC2x and Mx8+ are excluded from the cap.

Clubs - Should be USRowing member organizations.  Lone single scullers do not need to be part of a club.

Juniors - A Junior is a competitor who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 19, or who is and has been continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma. A competitor thus ceases to be a Youth after December 31 of the year of his or her 18th birthday, or of the year in which he or she completes the 12th grade of secondary school, having been a full-time student, whichever is later.

Novices - Persons in their first year of rowing.  Individuals who took a rowing class is a previous year but who did not race at more than one regatta or row regularly for more than 2 months in that year may also be considered novices.

Masters - Single Scullers must be 27 years of age or older as of 12/31/2017. Minimum age for any rower in a Masters entry other than a sngle sculling boat is 21 as of 12/31/2017, but the boat average age must be 27 or over. Per US Rowing Master's guidelines, a masters crew shall be comprised exclusively of masters rowers, but the coxswain need not be a master. Handicaps will be applied for boats with average age of 27 or over per USRowing rules. Where not divided into single age categories, masters races will be handicapped based on USRowing time charts. You must provide dates of birth for your athletes as required by the registration system to ensure eligibility and appropriate handicap.

Lightweights - Men's max weight is 160 lbs. Women's max weight 130 lbs. No crew averages. Lightweights must weigh in before racing. Weigh ins are at the registration tent.

Coxswains – Coxswains do not need to weigh in before racing.

Progression - In events with 2-8 entries, the two boats with the fastest times from the heats progress to the final (no semis). In events with 9+ entries, the boats with the four fastest times progress to the semis. The winners of the semis progress to the final. 

Hotseats - The Dockmaster will make reasonable attempts to accommodate hotseating in races with four or more races between them. Please give notice to the Dockmaster when leaving the dock that your boat requires hotseat access after its race. The Dockmaster has final say on all hotseating decisions.

Late, Scratch and Change Fees - Entries may be scratched without penalty until the entry deadline

After the entry deadline, no refunds will be given for entries that are scratched. At this time, there will also be a late registration fee of $25 per entry

Other Rules - The Regatta Committee reserves the right to cancel any event that has received fewer than 2 entries. Additionally, the Regatta Committee reserves the right to restrict the number of boats entered by any club in any one event to allow for broader participation. Please note that under no circumstances will last minute race day entry additions be added to the schedule. An exception may be made at the discretion of the Regatta Director for Mixed 8 entries only, a finals-only event held at the end of the regatta. 

Points trophies - the following trophies are awarded: Overall Team Points Trophy; Kuperman Cup (Sculling events); Junior Team Trophy (Junior events). Points are awarded in a modified version of the "Barnes" system, and vary by hull size and medal color as follows:

  % of first place points  
Event format 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Heats/Finals (8 or fewer entries) 100% 50% - -
Heats/Semis/Finals (9+ entries) 100% 75% 25% 25%
Hull Size 1 2 4 8
Gold Points 10 15 20 30
Website https://lpboatclub.org/chicago-sprints/
Contact Chicago Sprints Committee
Email [email protected]
Phone Please contact regatta via email
Sanctioned by  
Chief Referee Brian Beringer
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate Yes
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite Yes
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (USD)