Head of the Hog

  • Hosted By: Sarasota Crew

The current waiver link for the NOARA (FSRA) waiver is:  https://waivers.regattacentral.com/fsra2021

  • this waiver is to be signed by all regatta participants or their parent/guardian
  • as per the instructions on the page, if you are not a FSRA club/school please register as “Unaffiliated” (masters, out of state teams, Unaffiliated rowers)
  • please begin filling these out (having each individual fill them out)
    • IP addresses are tracked.  DO  NOT fill them out for your athletes

COVID-19 questionnaire

  • Step 1 to completing the COVID-19 questionnaire is completing the steps in the following link:
    •  https://waivers.regattacentral.com/hog2020
    • Each participant and support staff/coach will need to complete this step.  Once completed each submission will be followed up with to complete the questionnaire. 
    • ****If the participants/staff/coaches do not complete step 1, they will not be able to complete the questionnaire.  If the questionnaire is not complete, they will not be able to be on the island.  
  • Step 2 will be sent out by Regatta Central to each person who has completed Step 1
  • Step 2 will be sent out no more than 3 days prior to the event 
  • do not fill this out for your athletes, it will be tracked

If there is any indication of fraudulent submissions (reviewed and presented by Regatta Central) your access to Regatta Island may be prohibited.


Updated COVID-19 measures:    Compliance


  • Visiting teams must monitor the health of athletes, coaches and volunteers. If anyone shows signs and symptoms they must leave and seek medical attention
  • Visiting teams should advise members that have symptoms previous to race day to stay home
  • All participant and support staff must wear masks while on the Regatta Island
  • Teams must monitor symptoms with the symptom questionnaire (release Nov2nd to team contacts)
  • Only those that have all “NO” responses to questionnaire will be allowed to participate
  • Teams will only be allowed to have participants and support staff on the Regatta Island
  • Visiting team members that have contact with or have had Covid-19 within the last 14 days must seek the permission from their team and health professional to attend.
  • All participants and support staff will be symptom checked upon entry of the island
    • Temperature check: Anyone testing over 100.2F will not be permitted to participate
    • Oxygen Saturation:  Anyone with SpO2 reading of 95% or below will not be permitted to participate
    • Only those that pass both symptom checks will be permitted to participate.
    • Successful completion of both symptoms checks will result in being provided the necessary wristband to participate.

Distancing Measures:

  • No spectators will be allowed on Regatta Island.  Spectators may view the race from other areas of the park
  • Visiting teams will be asked to arrive at staggered times
  • Team areas will be marked, and teams will be expected to stay within their allotted area
  • Trailer area will be for rowers and coaches only
  • Teams will distance from others while launching, racing, and docking.
  • All equipment must be stored within the team trailer area
  • Teams will be expected to follow all cleaning and distancing guidelines while in their area
  • Team tents are permitted only if distancing measures are practiced
  • Visiting teams are not allowed to visit other visiting team areas

Thanks for your cooperation in helping create a safe environment for everyone participating!