Columbus Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Video of races atColumbus fall Classic, courtesy of


Thank you all for attending the Columbus Fall Classic!

Congratulations to Miami University for winning the High Team Point 'Open' divison with 108.5 points; 2nd place: Denison with 60 points and 3rd Place: Greater Dayton with 24 points.

Congratulations to Indianapolis Rowing Club and Wyandotte Boat Club, tied for 1st place with 70 points; 2nd place to Westerville with 64 points and 3rd place to Greater Dayton Rowing Assoc with 42.5 points.

Congratulations to Westerville for winning the Junior division with 324 points, Ann Arbor Pioneer with 183.5; 3rd place to St. Ursula with 123 points.


The heat sheet is now posted on Regatta Central. We determined the bow number order by the winning teams last year and then by boat seed.

Boat Trailer Parking: First trailers to arrive will park at the Walnut and Sunbury Rd parking lot. When that lot is full, you will be waived on to proceed to the 'Boat Ramp lot' just north of Walnut St. There will be parking assistants there to help. PLEASE park the trailers no more than eight feet apart (edge to edge). There is no boat prep permitted on the parking lot. All boats must be stored on the grass. Please keep all boats (including singles and doubles) parallel to each other.

GPS: You can use the address 135 S Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081. That is the address across the street from the regatta site.

Food Trailers: The first food trailers to arrive will park in the Walnut St and Sunbury Rd lot (South end). When that is full, they will be instructed to park at the small Food Trailer Lot just south of Walnut and Sunbury. This lot is reserved for food trailers only. Both lots border the 'Tent Area'. There will be a 'drop off zone', just south of the light at Walnut and Sunbury, which is right across from the tents. This is where parents can drop off food and supplies. They will not be allowed to leave their vehicle.

Rower Drop off Zone: curbside just north of the light at Sunbury and Walnut. Buses will then proceed farther north and park curbside. Buses are NOT allowed to pull into any of the parking lots.Spectator Parking: The upper and lower dam lots (at Sunbury and Smoke Burr) are designated for spectators. We will be running shuttles vans (15 passenger vans) from 6:00am until the regatta is over. The shuttle vans will transport spectators from the dam parking lot to the Walnut St parking lot. There is also a leisure path for anyone wanting to walk of cycle. Once the Upper and Lower Dam lots are FULL, spectators will be directed to park at the Windsor Bay shopping center, near Sears. Our shuttle vans will be going there too.

We are expecting rain on Friday, which will make it muddy. Please advise your parents to bring tarps for the tents. We will have some straw for the boat areas.

Coaches: Please have oar helpers available when you boat is launching. Boats will not be permitted to launch without oar helpers. This will help us stay on time.

The ramp going down to the dock area is rocky. Your rowers will need their shoes when they return.

Hot seating is at your own risk. We will not allow boats to row during a different race out of fairness to the other teams racing, as the wind conditions change frequently on Hoover.

Coxswain/Coaches Meeting: will be at the shelter house at 7:30. First call will be at 8:15.

Lightweights: We will not be weighing in. Lightweights are on the honor system. If a team protests another teams weight, they will also be weighed. It is still 135 for women, 165 for men.

Food Vendors: Antonio's Pizza (will be selling subs)

Caribou Coffee (coffee and smoothies)

Sertoma Brat truck (an assortment of sandwiches, drinks, etc)

Our shuttle vans will be making regular stops to Bel Lago restaurant (waterfront dining, just north of the regatta site)

9/28/09: We will not be doing official weigh ins for this regatta.  It will be on the honor system.  Lwt for women: 135; for men: 160. If a team files a protest against another team for a question of weight, both teams will be weighed in.