Columbus Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
Entry Deadline: The entry window closes at midnight, Monday, October 5, 2009.  Fees and waivers are due BY Monday, October 5, 2009.  Entry must include payment (payable to Westerville Crew), Regatta Central invoice and waivers or individual's USRA number for verification.



·         Coaches: your athletes may submit their waivers online, saving you the hassle of dealing with paper waivers.  They need to be added to your Regatta Central roster and need to have signed their waiver online.  Here are instructions from USRowing:



  1. Athletes should go to
  2. Click on the Join/Renew link in the upper right hand corner.
  3. If the athlete is a Full-Privilege member, click Sign Your Waiver Online. Enter member number and password. Read through the waiver then click Accept Waiver.
  4. If athlete is not a Full-Privilege member, click Sign Waiver and Add My Name to my Organization's Roster. Read through the waiver then click Accept Waiver. The athlete will be prompted to fill in contact and team information to complete the non-privileged membership. Once this has been done, click Process Application. On the next page, there will be a confirmation notice which includes the athlete's non-privilege USRowing membership ID number.
  5. Full-Privilege members need to give their USRowing member numbers to their coaches to add to the team's roster on RegattaCentral.
  6. Non-privilege members need to give their USRowing ID numbers to their coaches to add to the team's roster on RegattaCentral.
  7. Coaches should add these numbers to their rosters on RegattaCentral, then click Sync with USRowing Waiver Database.



  1. Coaches and entry submitters should log-in to On the home page, under My Roster, click on Instructions for USRowing Waiver Submission. The Roster Code for this account will be listed here.
  2. Coaches should share their Roster Code with all athletes who will be included in entries submitted using this RegattaCentral account. This roster code links only to this account.
  3. Instruct the athletes to go to where they can enter the Roster Code and submit their waiver.
  4. When an athlete enters the Roster Code and their last name, the system will attempt to locate their record in that account's roster. If it is located, they will need to indicate whether they have a Full-Privilege USRowing individual membership. If they do, they will be prompted to enter their USRowing member number.
  5. All athletes will then be prompted to enter their contact information and read through and submit their waiver.
  6. If they are not a Full-Privilege member they will receive their free, non-privilege USRowing Membership ID.
  7. If the athlete has not yet been added to the roster the system will automatically add them. This is an especially helpful and time-saving feature at the beginning of rowing seasons where you may have many new athletes.

IMPORTANT: Waivers must be submitted by the athlete or their legal guardian. (Coaches are not permitted to submit a waiver on a rower's behalf)


If you have any questions regarding waivers and compliance, please call the USRowing office at 1-800-314-4769.



Registration and Weigh-Ins:  We will not be doing official weigh ins.  Lightweight is on the honor system.  Lightweight for women: 135; men: 165.  If a team files a protest against another team because of a question of weight, both teams will be weighed.


Coaches and Coxswains Meeting: Saturday, October 13th, 7:30am.  First call will be 8:15.


Contact Information: Trish Chase, Regatta Director, 614-565-9198,


Entry Fees: Please make checks payable to Westerville Crew.  Credit card payments are accepted online through .  Fees and waivers may be mailed to The Columbus Crew Classic07, 4111 Executive Pkwy, Suite 305, Westerville, OH 43081.  Fees are non-refundable after registration is closed or due to acts of God.


8+:  $60                       4+ and 4X:  $50

2X and 2-:  $35            1X:  $25                      




This is a US Rowing sanctioned event.  The Head Referee is Roger Bailey.  US Rowing Rules of Rowing will apply.  Quick release shoes and bow balls will be checked.  Boats will not be allowed to launch if they are not up to safe standards.  Please carry the boats to the docks bow first and have helpers assist with oars.  This will help us to run on time.


Hot seating: Hot seating rowers or equipment requires a 90 minute separation. Coaches must notify the Dockmaster of their intention to hot seat.  Events will not be held up to accommodate hot seating crews.





            Novice: Any rower who started rowing October 11, 2008 may enter these             events.  Seasoned sweep rowers who began sculling October 11, 2008 may    enter novice sculling events.  Seasoned scullers who bean rowing October 11,     2008 may enter novice sweep events.

            High School/Junior: A current high school student

            Open: Events are unrestricted for any age category.

            Masters: Rowers who will have attained age of 27 on or before December 31,      2008. Rowers 27 years or older.  Masters will be handicapped according to      USRA standards for 5000 meters.  Rowers who will have attained the age of 21             on or before December 31, 2008 can also participate in masters events at this             regatta, but the average age of the rowers in the boat must be at least 27. An         age handicap system will be implemented. Any master's entrant failing to indicate       a birth date on the entry form will be entered as a 21-year-old competitor

Lightweights: Men: 160; Women: 135, no averages. Rowers will only be required to weigh in once.  Scales will open at 6:45am.  Scales will also be open on Friday evening from 6:00-7:00pm.  Teams MUST weigh in as a boat.  Coxswains do not need to weigh in.

Coxswains: May be of either sex for any event, any experience level.  No restrictions apply.



Launching: Boats will launch at the Walnut street dock and proceed north through the Smothers Rd bridge.  The boats will race south from the middle bay, through the bridge and finish near the Walnut Street shelter.  The course will be marked with buoys/flags to indicate traveling lane, starting chute and finish line as well as various meter marks along the race course.  Rowers may only use the larger bridge openings (traffic pattern will be reviewed at coxswain meeting).  Boats are required to be at the staging area 10 minutes before their scheduled race time.  USRowing officials will assist in the staging area.  Boat may or may not be started in sequence.  All boats must pass through the buoyed starting chute to begin the headrace.  The starting marshal will direct each boat to begin rowing through the chute.  There is absolutely no passing in the chute or marshalling area. 


Warm up: Boats may warm up once boats are upstream of the starting chute.  Boats are NOT to go beyond the second (Red Bank) bridge.  Crews should be aware that other boat traffic will not be suspended.



Awards/Medals: Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each event. We will be calculating high team points for juniors, open and master's events.  There will be a high team point trophy for juniors, open and masters.