Michigan Club Invitational Regatta

  • Jul 25, 2009
  • sprint
  • Argo Pond
  • Ann Arbor, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: Ann Arbor Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The Ann Arbor Rowing Club is grateful to the following members and/or businesses for their support:


AARC Members: Tom and Barb Kraft:

AARC Member:  David Crouse:


AARC Member: Geoff Cook:


CUP SPONSORS:                                                              

  • The Dixie Cup
    • Cyndi Ives, AARC member


  • The Sala Attorneys At Law Cup
    • Sarah Sala, AARC member

COMMUNITY SPONSORS:                                               


  • Peter Allen Leasing
    944 North Main Street 
  • Barracuda Networks
    912 North Main Street
  • New Center
    1100 North Main Street
  • Lotus Engineering
    1254 North Main Street
  • Cushing Malloy
    1350 North Main Street
  • First Martin Co.
     115 Depot Street