Head of the Mohawk

  • Hosted By Aqueduct Rowing Club

At the 2010 Head of the Mohawk:

- Fine Designs is offering imprinted tee-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments, customized with your choice of artwork on the chest, back arm or leg. 

T-shirt news!!  If your club/boat isinterested in shirts with your crew's names (or the club's members) printed onit, Fine Designs can do that if you send the list (or lists) of names to {Irinakv@aol.com} by Wednesdaythe 22nd.The lists will beavailable at the concession to add as a design element to your shirt/pants,etc.  You still get to choose shirt color and style, other design featuresand placement.

- The Head of the Mohawk fleece beanie will be available in grey or red, complete with our trademark Old Rower.  Beanies are light, warm and sooo soft.  One size fits just about everyone (really!). Rolls up to nearly nothing and tucks in a bag, pocket or waist band. $15

- Head of the Mohawk beverage mugs have a whole Old Rower crew on them.  $10  

- Food will also be available.