Secret City Head Race

  • Oct 27, 2012
  • head
  • Oak Ridge, TN (USA)
  • Hosted By: Oak Ridge Rowing Association, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


The Secret City Head Race started in 2001 this year the event continues and will be Saturday, October 27, 2012.

Location & Distance:  Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tennessee 5000m
Registration: On-Line Entry Window: September 15th -- October 19th, 2012

  • Entries should be made on the Regatta Central web site:
  • A preliminary schedule of events will be posted Wednesday prior to the regatta on the regatta central under lane draws. This will not be the final heat sheet and will be subject to changes. The final heat sheet will be distributed at the Coaches and Coxswains’ meeting.
  • Teams may sigh-in at the ORRA Boathouse on Friday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on Saturday from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM.


All Fees (checks), Entry forms, and Waivers must be RECEIVED before picking up registration packet. There is not an entry fee cap.

8+ 80.00          4+/ x $60.00                2-, 2x’s  $35.00                       1x’s $20.00

• 20’x20’ Tent Fee: $50.00 (Waterfront tent spaces will be reserved as registrations are received.)
• Friday Night Pasta Dinner $8.00 will be available on site.
• Late Entries will be charged $10.00

• Make checks payable to: “ORRA


Make checks payable to the ORRA.

Oak Ridge Rowing, c/o Secret City Head Race, 697 Melton Lake Drive, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Waiver Requirements

Every competitor must have a completed On-Line USRowing Regatta Liability Waiver. Competitors under the age of 18 must sign and have a parent or legal guardian sign an individual minor's waiver. No Paper waivers will be accepted.


Each crew must pick up a competitor's' packet at the registration table which will include each event in which it is entered. Packets will only be released to crews whose membership is fully verified to have signed a waiver form. Under absolutely no circumstances will entries with missing waivers be issued their race packet or be allowed to race.


Fees for events canceled due to acts of God are not refundable.


Scratches of entries for each event must be in two hours before the scheduled event on Saturday. Fifty percent of the entry fee will be refunded, if Scratch occurs less than two hours prior to the scheduled event NO REFUND will be given. Events with only one entry will be scratched. Fees for such scratched events will be refunded.




Any competitors practicing on the course before the day of the regatta will do so at their own risk. The Secret City Head Race Regatta committee does not schedule supervised practices.

Dock Master

The Dock Master has absolute authority over the dock area. All competitors must return to these docks after their race. The Dock Master will make the first call for each event 90 minutes and 60 minutes prior to each events scheduled start time. Each competitor is required to report in before boarding launching dock. Competitors not reporting in prior to last call will be scratched. This helps insure the regatta stays on schedule. Competitors arriving late to the starting line for an event may be Held at start area until a safe window for start is identified. The crew will race separate from other crews in the category. Outgoing boats will have priority over incoming boats. The Dock Master will get your crew to the water as soon as possible.  


Crews will launch from the input docks in the marina embayment. There will be no time for equipment adjustment on the docks. Crews should plan to adjust foot stretchers and tie shoelaces after launching. Novice crews should launch at least 60 minutes prior to their event to allow sufficient time to row to the start against the current. The embayment docks will be closed for an event 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Safety Equipment

Every competing boat must be properly equipped with a bow ball. Every competing boat shall also be equipped with quick-release shoes. Control commission will check before boarding launching docks (per rule 3-109).

Boat Numbers

Assigned numbers for all boats will be distributed when each crew picks up a competitor's' packet at the registration table for each event. Attachment of your boat number on the back of Coxswain and Bowman is critical for your time to be recorded correctly. Boat numbers will also be placed on the bow of each boat entered.

Hot Seating

Coaches must notify the dock master of their intention to hot seat. Events will not be held up to accommodate hot seating crews. Allow two hours between events in which you plan to hot seat for equipment or rowers - less than two hours may not allow enough time for the hot seating crew to get to the starting line. The dock will be closed for an event 30 minutes before the start of the event


6:30 AM, Saturday, at the ORRA’s Boathouse. At least one representative from each crew must attend. All crews will be responsible for the information delivered at the meeting, regardless of attendance. This will be the last opportunity to discuss entry and schedule issues, no entry changes will be considered after the close of this meeting. Coxswains may be of either sex for any event. Any experience level.  No weight restrictions apply. Coxswains are not required to weigh-in.


For complete directions to lodging and restaurants in Oak Ridge, please visit our web site at

Concessions & Merchandise
Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the regatta site. The unauthorized sale of merchandise, food or drink in not permitted.


Intent to file protest must be indicated on the water immediately following the finish of a race. The protest must be made to a USRowing official before the crew leaves the area between the finish tower and the embayment. After a crew returns to the launch docks, all right to protest is waived the regatta will consider protest from each coach or coaching representative (only one coach/coaching representative per protest is allowed) per USRA rules at a fee of $25.00. The protest must be filed with the Regatta Director and the fee paid within 60 minutes from the start of the race in question. The Regatta Jury will consider appeals from crews who have been assessed a penalty.

Awards/ Medals First, second, and third place winners are awarded medals provided at least three boats rowed in their event. Medals will be awarded once results are official. Winners not claiming their medals/trophies by the end of the race day will be contacted by mail.