Head of the Cuyahoga

  • Hosted By: Cleveland Rowing Foundation
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

ATHLETE & SPECTATOR VILLAGE LAYOUT:  /cms/uploads/cleveland_rowing_foundation/files/HOTC%202014%20SITE%20MAP.pdf


RACE COURSE MAP:  Click here for map. 


SEE THE 2012 REGATTA COURSE VIDEO! - from the coxswain's perspective

Boat Launch & Finish Line : Cleveland Rowing Foundation, Rivergate Park, 1003 British Street, Cleveland, OH 44113


Places to View the Course: 

1.        Rivergate & Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse – If you want the full regatta experience this is the place to be.  Music & announcements will occur throughout the day.  See crews launch, cross the finish line, & recover all from one location. 

2.        Hart Crane Park & Columbus Rd Bridge – Hart Crane Park is immediately beside Rivergate.  The Columbus Rd Bridge is a great vantage point to watch crews as they power to the finish.  The sharp curve in this area should also make this an interesting viewing spot.  

3.        Regatta Parking Lot at 1717 Columbus Rd – There is a long piece of riverfront property for viewing in this area.  It is a short walk from here to the boathouse.    

4.       Carter Rd Bridge & Riverview Parking off of Canal Rd, just past Sherwin Williams – The Carter Rd Bridge gives you a chance to watch crews for a long period of time.  You can watch from either side of the bridge.  This is a short walk from the Columbus Rd parking lot.  There is also another parking lot on Canal Rd, which offers good viewing.