Sarasota Invitational

  • Hosted By: Sarasota County Rowing Club, Inc/dba Sarasota Masters
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
(Updated February 25, 2016)
C&C Meetings
The Saturday C&C meeting will start at 7am at the bleachers. 
The Sunday C&C meeting will start at 7:30am

ALL  ROWERS   must  have  valid  a   US Rowing  waiver   for  2016.
Waiver must be executed  after  Jan, 01, 2016.
FSRA / NOARA Waiver does not apply to this regatta.

WAIVERS should be done  on-line  at  US Rowing for maximum convenience and efficiency!
Paper waivers are reserved for international crews!  If you have not signed an on-line waiver, you may not be able to race!  Coaches, make sure your rowers have signed their waivers!

Team Tent Rentals - If you need a tent larger than 10x10, the deadline for renting tents is noon, Monday, February 22.
Tent Rental Form return to Sarah Kupiec  [email protected]   941 224-9395  Tents larger than 10x10 must be rented from SANCA!
Update - Coaches Party Friday Feb 26th -  RSVP

Friday, February 26th afternoon there will be a coaches and referees party. After set up, wind down, have a beer, relax, enjoy a sandwich and meet old friends (over 21 only). RSVP to: [email protected]

Update! - Rowing for Life
On Saturday, there will be a combination Junior/Master 8+ race as part of our Rowing For Life theme.  Due to a low number of entries in this first year of the Row for Life competition, we have changed the rules to require mixed boats instead of just men or just women.  You can have a maximum of two junior men and two masters men per boat and there must be at least four juniors in the boat.  There will be a prize of $1,000 that will go to the junior program represented by each of the top two winning boats.  All four junior members of the boat must be from the same club/school.  One entry per club/school.  The masters rowers (minimum age 23) may be from any club, and can be a coach.  No age handicaps will be applied - first two boats over the line each win the $1000 prize!  Further details will be forthcoming and we will allow late entries with no extra charge due to the late change in the rules.

Military Veterans Race
On Sunday, there will be a Military Veteran's 8+ race just before the lunch break.  Each boat entered will be from a particular branch of service and the members of the crew can come from any club.  No age handicaps will be applied - first boat over the line wins!  Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers.  When you make your entry (Event 57), you will be asked for your rowing preference (port, starboard, sculling) and your branch of service.  We will then assemble the boats based on who is available within each branch of service.

Boat Rentals - click on the "contacts" link in the menu to your left.

Updated USRowing Rule for Quick Release Footgear - Coaches be Aware!

3-108 Footgear Release (*)

Quick release foot stretchers – In all boats the foot stretchers, shoes or other devices holding the feet of the rowers shall be a type which allows the rowers to get clear of the boat with no delay. Where shoes or other devices holding the feet will remain in the boat, each shoe or device shall be independently restrained such that the heel will not lift more than three inches (7.5 cm) above the foot board to which it is anchored. In addition, where laces, Velcro or similar materials must be opened before the rower can remove his/her feet from the shoes or other devices, these must be able to be released immediately by the rower with a single quick hand action of pulling on one easily accessible strap.