MACRA Championships

  • Hosted By: University of Cincinnati Rowing Team
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The focus of this regatta is to allow programs to place their entries where they believe they will be most competitive.  This is done to recognize that each program will have unique strengths and strategies for success.  

However, once the Regatta's scratch deadline has been passed (April 27), Clubs may not scratch their entries in larger-boat categories in order to focus on smaller-boat categories.  A scratch fee of $50 will be assigned and those results in the smaller-boat categories will be vacated, including if a medal were earned.  Such violation of sportsmanship will be noted, and reflected in invitations next year.


event entries:   

Each team may submit up to two entries in each event.

The exception to this rule is that only one entry will be permitted in the Varsity 8 and Freshman/Novice 8.  However, multiple entries will be permitted in the latter events if there is no 2nd Varsity or 2nd Freshman/Novice 8 event offered due to insufficient (<3) entries.

Teams may have unlimited, multiple entries in the 2nd Freshman/Novice 8 and 2nd Varsity 8 events provided they enter a 1st Freshman/Novice 8 and/or 1st Varsity 8 boat.



All athletes may row in as many as two separate events. There is no limit on multiple racing for coxswains. There will be no accommodations for equipment or athlete hot seating.


Lightweights &

This Regatta will offer lightweight events if there are 3 or more entries.  If there are fewer than 3 lightweight crews then they will automatically be placed into the heavyweight event.

Lightweight maximum weights are 130lbs for women and 160lbs for men, with no average.  There will be no official weigh-in for lightweights or coxswains, it is on your honor. There are no weigh-ins conducted for equipment or coxswains either.


qualifying & seeding:


Results in this race are considered in seeding for the Dad Vail Regatta, ECAC National Invitational, and ACRA Championships. Programs participating in those regattas will be competing at the MACRA.



Medals will be awarded to the top three places. If there are 3 entries, only a Gold medal will be awarded. If there are 4 or more entries, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded. There are Team Point Trophies for the Men’s and Women’s Team, as well as the Overall Team Point Trophy for combined Men’s and Women’s results.


US Rowing

This regatta will follow US Rowing Rules of Rowing, however, the following rules will be waived for this event:
2-204 Rowing Near the Course
3-104 Minimum Weight of Boats

3-201 Uniforms
3-204 Manufacturer and Sponsor Advertisement

4-109 Coxswain Weight
4-110 Weighing of Competitors


Definitions & Rules:

Frosh/Novice must be an academic Freshman or in the first academic year of collegiate rowing.

2nd Varsity includes rowers not in the 1st Varsity four or eight.

Gender: Only males may row in Men’s events. Only females may row in Women’s events.

Coxswains: Coxswains may be of either gender, and of any skill or age classification. There is no weight minimum for coxswains.

Waivers: All participants must have completed a US Rowing Waiver online by the date listed under deadlines.

Boat Storage: Boats are to be stored in marked areas only. Please provide your

own boat stands and secure all boats not in use. Trailers will be allowed in the areas marked.

All equipment must be removed from the regatta site by sunset Saturday evening.

Quick Release: Check your equipment for race readiness, including the proper

tying of heels (3 inches). Releases will be checked at the dock as the boats

approach the launch area.

Bow Balls: Bow balls must be secured to shells before launch. Shells without

bow balls will not be allowed to race.

Bow Numbers: Please bring your own bow numbers.

Late to Start: All crews must be on time to the start area. On time means in the warm-up area and ready to move into the stake boats 10mins before race start time, and locked on by 5mins prior to race start time. The start will not be delayed for a late crew.

Protests: Protests will follow the USRowing rules of racing. Any crew wishing to

protest should raise their hands after completing their race. Coaches should

formally register their written protest with the registrar and pay the protest fee.

Protests will be adjudicated by USRowing officials.

Race Results: All results will be posted on HereNOW, twitter @cinciregatta, and on RegattaCentral.