Head of The Christina

  • Hosted By: Wilmington Youth Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Welcome and thank you for choosing to attend the Head of The Christina hosted by the Wilmington Youth Rowing Association.

We truly look forward each year to hosting this event and strive to make it an enjoyable and competitive regatta.

Hopefully we will get to race this year.  We will use the new order of events that was to be used last year except the storm came.  The idea is to keep things moving on and off the dock a little easier but we still need a lot of cooperation from the teams.  Please be sure your crews follow all directions from the dock masters and the marshals.  Also have 1 or 2 extra rowers available to help get oars to and from your boats quickly so as not to tie up time on the docks.

We do have novice sweep events but encourage you to use your experieinced coxswains as the river can be a little tricky steering if you are not used to tides as well as currents.

Low tide will occur about an hour before the regatta begins so the tide will be coming in for the majority of the races.  The last few events will have the tide going out again.

We will be taking orders again for lunches.  Please preorder the number you will need by Monday September 26, 2016.  Lunches are $6.00 

Please remind parent groups that the City of Wilmington does not allow for grills of any kind to operated in open public areas.  There is no cooking allowed.

Also please take some time to visit the Kalmar Nyckel, the Tall Ship of Delaware.  It is a replica of a boat that once brought settlers to the new world.  It sailed in 1638.

See you at the regatta.

Thank you