Head of The Christina

  • Hosted By: Wilmington Youth Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Most activity on land is at the WYRA boathouse, 500 E. Front St. Wilmington, DE.  Some small boats will use the WRC boathouse across the river.  Parking will be on the street since the lots are used for trailers and at the public parking garage across from the train station.

Please read all the information on this page if you are a coach or a coxswain.

Use the links just below the tide schedule to study the course.

The Christina River can be tricky to navigate, besides the current the river is also tidal.  

Tide schedule for Sunday 10-2

Marine Terminal, just below the start

High 1:18 AM

Low 8:15 AM

High 1:39 PM

Low 8:37 PM


Millside RR Bridge, just above the finish

High 1:36 AM

Low 8:28 AM

High 1:57 PM

Low 8:50 PM

The race cousre starts under the I 495 bridge and covers 3 miles going up river to the end of the shopping center on Justison St.  View on Google Maps here


Also use this video linked here to get a good view of the course as you travel the entire length in a launch.  The only thing to remember is that WRC is no longer at the finish line but directly across the river from the WYRA boathouse.  The finishline is mark by a shack on the bank.


Be ready to launch on time, come when called, 60 seconds on the dock, have helpers carry your oars.

When launching you will be heading up river, go to the marshal near the bridge, turn your shell to be ready to cross and cross quickly to the other side when told to do so.  Wait for the marshal to cross you and follow all of their instructions.

Go directly across to the opposite side of the course and then turn to head down river.  Please be aware that boats will be returning to the boathouse.  Do not get stuck behind returning boats.  

Head down river staying off the course, the course will be on your port side so stay to starboard but be aware of shallow areas and pilings stuck in the river bed.  Row through the right side of the swing bridge opening and then down past the I 495 bridge to the marshal in the start area.

Then begin to line up for your race.  Stay on the course following the buoys.

Once through the finish line continue to row toward the old broken down RR Bridge.  follow the directions of the marshal there to turn and go back to the boathouse.

Again stay off the course, be especially mindful of the 1st turn as the water can get very shallow in that area during low tide.

When getting to the second bridge be sure to check for boats crossing that are heading out to race, they have the right of way.

Proceed past WYRA to the marshal that will help with crossing the course to return to the WYRA dock.  

While in line to get to the dock do not drift onto tne race course.  Be prepared to back down as the tide might be pushing you toward the dock.

Follow the directions of the dock master when landing back on the dock.

Be quick, 60 seconds on the dock, have helpers to get your oars.