New Hampshire Championships George Dirth Regatta

  • Oct 13, 2019
  • head

  • Pembroke, NH (USA)
  • Hosted By Amoskeag Rowing Club
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

The schedule can be found here. Heat sheets can be found here.

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Singles and Doubles Parking and Launching

All singles and doubles will launch from the docks at Point.  There will be no separate singles and doubles dock upriver.  Vehicles car-topping (only) singles and doubles should park and stage in the baseball field located near the registration tent.

Coaches, Coxswains and 1x/2x Meetings Day of Race

The meeting for the singles and doubles will be at 7:30 a.m. The meeting for the coaches and coxswains will be at 8:00 a.m.  Both meetings will take place at the Point near the launching docks.

Race Packet Pick-up and Check-in

The registration tent will open at 6:30 a.m. on race day for race packet pick-up. We highly encourage coaches to come with a well-prepared set of documentation to complete the check-in for their entire fleet in one pass.  When arriving for check-in, bring your Regatta Central invoice to speed the check-in process. 

We will not have the capability or time to look up waivers on Regatta Central on Race Day. You will need to submit paper waivers for all waivers not submitted electronically through Regatta Central by Friday October 11.  To download and copy the required waiver, click here.

All entry fees and waivers must be submitted before race packets will be released. 


Please prepay for parking through Eventbrite.


The Registration deadline is midnight Oct 7.

Venue Information

Memorial Field is a NO SMOKING area. 

If you choose to bring a four legged friend, they must be on a leash.  Please do not leave your dog in the car.  Better yet, leave Fido at home.

TRASH AND RECYCLING: Trash bags will be handed out to all teams. Please bag all your trash and deposit the bags in the dumpsters before leaving for the day. We do not currently have the means to collect and recycle the large amount of cans and bottles generated during the regatta. Please consider bringing a container for your team’s recyclables and taking them home with you.  There will be two large dumpsters on site at either end of the main trailer parking area.  Big ones.  Hard to miss.  Please use these to dispose of your filled trash bags.  This is a volunteer run regatta (as are most) and there is nothing more discouraging at the end of a long day than to see piles of filled trash bags that need to be hauled to the dumpsters. Since we know firsthand of the untold joy in hauling bags and bags of trash leaking unknown liquids all over us, we hate to deprive the attending teams of this experience. Most teams are large and have many helping hands who can help bring filled trash bags to the dumpsters.  Please DO IT.