FSRA Sculling Championships

  • Hosted By: Florida Scholastic Rowing Association
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

2017 FSRA State Sculling Championship Regatta Rules & Information

Racing will be conducted under the USRowing “Rules of Racing” using FSRA items listed below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The FSRA State Championship regatta is an association regatta open to current Scholastic and Youth team members of the Florida Scholastic Rowing Association.
  • FSRA teams must be in good standing with the association and all delinquent fees and dues must be paid prior to any entry being accepted from that team. FSRA membership fees must be paid before January 1st.
  • An Eligible Athlete is a competitor who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 19 and has been enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma from the State of Florida, or who in the current calendar year did attain the age of 19 and is and has been continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student and is seeking a diploma from the State of Florida.  A competitor thus ceases to be an Eligible Athlete after December 31 of the year of his or her 18th birthday, or of the year in which he or she completes the 12th grade of secondary school, having been a continuous full-time student, whichever is later.
  • Post graduate students who attain the age of 19 in the current calendar year are ineligible to compete.
  • New rowing programs will not be allowed special entry exceptions.

Qualifying for SRAA

  • FSRA Florida State Championship Regattas are SRAA qualifying events for Scholastic FSRA teams as defined in the FSRA Bylaws. A team’s scholastic standing will be determined through the pre-registration process defined below.
  • Note SRAA rules have differences from those followed by FSRA.  Those differences will not be followed nor accommodated by FSRA.  Seewww.SRAA.net for competitor eligibility restrictions.
  • Teams qualify the boat not the crew.  Scholastic FSRA members will be invited based on their performance in a qualifying category – seewww.SRAA.net for event categories and number of qualifying boats.

Qualifying for NSRA

  • NSRA allows Scholastic FSRA teams competing at FSRA Florida State Championship Regattas to enter NSRA events.  See www.nsrowing.org for NSRA event qualification and petition processes.
  • Note NSRA rules have differences from those followed by FSRA. Those differences will not be followed nor accommodated by FSRA.  Seewww.nsrowing.org for the NSRA regatta rule set.

FSRA Events

  • Varsity:
  • Junior:
  • Lightweight:
  • Freshman:

4x, 2x, 1x
4x, 2x, 1x**
4x, 2x, 1x**
4x, 2x**

** The lightweight single, junior single and freshman double are NOT SRAA events and will not qualify for SRAA.  Those wishing to qualify for the SRAA Varsity 1X event must enter the FSRA Varsity 1X event.

Athlete Eligibility Pre-Registration

  • No later than March 1st, teams must submit the following to the regatta director:
    • A full team roster to include all potential competitors for the upcoming state championships.
    • List of athletes with medical issues listing the medical issue for each athlete listed. Click for Sample Form.
    • Supporting eligibility documentation for each athlete listed to include copies of the following:
      • School or government issued photo ID (example: DL, passport, FL ID, county ID; can be expired – purpose is to authenticate current headshot photo submitted)
      • School record showing school attending and current grade level/class (example: school ID, class schedule, transcript, online student page; NOTE school letter listing students is not acceptable)
      • NOTE: athletes over 18 this year must show continuous enrollment in secondary school as a full-time student
      • NOTE: Proof of date of birth is required; if this date is not included on above listed records, provide copy of government issued document showing date of birth.
    • A recent head shot digital photo for each athlete listed to be used on the regatta ID for identification purposes (a referee looking at this photo must be able to recognize the athlete wearing the ID). No sunglasses or hats. Photo should be taken in a portrait orientation and the image files uniquely named using the athlete’s name and team initials. Suggested name format is 2017[club]-[athlete].jpg
  • No later than March 1st, each athlete listed must complete the free “once-a-school-year” online NOARA waiver.
  • For any late athlete documentation submission, there will be a $1.00 per day per athlete fee.
  • For each lost regatta ID or late entry ID needed, there will be a $30.00 replacement fee per ID.
  • No later than April 1st, teams will be informed which athletes have successfully completed the pre-registration eligibility verification. Teams will be processed in the order received.

How to enter

  • All teams must complete the entry process online at Regatta Central.
  • Boatings must include the legal names of competitors (as it appears on photo ID and NOARA waiver for verification purposes). Only athletes completing the pre-registration eligibility verification will be allowed to compete.
  • Boatings must include potential substitutes for those substitutes to be eligible to compete.
  • Complete boatings must be submitted by the standard registration entry deadline to avoid late fees.
  • NOARA waivers must be completed for each competitor including potential substitutes.
  • Late entries will be accepted as long as open lanes are available; otherwise late entries will be wait-listed. Late entries will not be prioritized over entries already accepted. Additional outside lanes and additional races will not be added to accommodate late entries.  Late entries will be charged an additional late entry fee and will not be seeded for heats.
  • Scratch Policy:
    • Scratches made after the standard entry deadline and before the late entry deadline forfeit their entry fee.
    • Scratches after the late entry deadline and race no shows will incur an additional $50.00 Scratch Fee which is due before following crews are allowed to launch or future entries accepted.  Verified medical exceptions will be accepted.

Entry Fees

Fee Cap

$20 Additional (plus $30 per athlete not previously listed in an entry line-up)
$50 Additional
No Team Fee Cap

Practice Sessions

The race course will be open for practice on Friday only from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm if water safety marshals are in place. Launch docks close at 6:00 pm. Race day traffic pattern will be enforced. There will not be any practice sessions on Saturday or Sunday.

Teams violating the practice session time box or launching without water safety marshals in place will be assessed one warning to all their entries.

Regatta Registration

Regatta registration will be open Friday from 2:00PM to 6:00PM and on Saturday morning from 6:30AM to 8:30AM.

Regatta photo ID credentials to be given to a team representative after the following have been verified. Only athletes completing the pre-registration eligibility verification and listed in regatta entry boatings will be provided a regatta ID badge. The team representative will sign a receipt acknowledging all credentials have been received.

  • Entry fees (as listed above) and any delinquent fees are paid.
  • Trophies returned or missing trophy fees paid.
  • Team survey completed correctly.
  • Volunteers sign-up (1 volunteer per entry)

Each team will be sent a list of athletes to receive regatta credentials after the regatta standard registration window closes. This list is based on submitted entry boatings including listed substitutes.

Regatta Meeting

Regatta meeting will begin at 7:00AM on Saturday at the finish line grand stand area.

  • Meeting will cover scratches (at $50 each).
  • Meeting will cover the officiating aspects relevant to this event.


  • All races are 1500 meters or as close to this distance as the race venue safely allows.
  • Breakage: allowed maximum of one hour after the breakage is reported from either the warm up area or the first 100m of the race. 
  • Missed race: No special allowances will be made for crews late to the start line. Teams hot seating equipment do so at their own risk.
  • Doubling limits: Rower – 1 event only, no doubling.
  • Males may not row in female events.  Females may not row in male events. 
  • Composite crews (rowers from two or more FSRA Member teams in the same boat) are not permitted.
  • Junior events may be entered independently of all other categories.
  • Lightweight events may be entered independently of all other categories.
  • Freshman events may be entered independently of all other categories.
  • Junior events are restricted to competitors in the 11th grade (junior year) or lower AND who have not attained the age of 18 years prior to September 1st of the current academic year (born after August 31, 1998).
  • Freshman events are restricted to competitors in the 9th grade (freshman year) or lower.
  • “B” entries are allowed full progression including winning awards and earning points; they must be valid entries (rowers listed without violating doubling rules)
    • “B” entries are accepted in Varsity 1x event
    • “B” entries are wait-listed in all other events during standard registration window – wait-listed entries will be used to fill empty lanes; acceptance in order of time stamp of entry submission if wait-listed athlete names have entered before standard registration window deadline (preferred) or have been emailed to regatta director at time of entry.
  • All boats will be equipped with a protective bow ball and quick release shoes.  Bow coxed boats will have openings sized in accordance with the Rules of Rowing of the United States Rowing Association.  Boats not so equipped will be barred from launching.
  • All boats will carry a bow number of their assigned race lane for identification.  Bow numbers shall be large enough to be easily visible with the naked eye from shore with good contrast between the number and the background.  The team will be responsible to provide its bow number.
  • Lightweight male rower maximum weight: 150 lbs. (no averaging)
  • Lightweight female rower maximum weight: 130 lbs. (no averaging)

Weigh-in Procedures

  • Test scales for lightweight athletes will be open Friday in the weigh-in area from 2:00PM to 6:00PM.
  • All lightweight athletes in a boat including alternates must weigh in at the same time.
  • There will be only one official weigh-in period for the entire regatta on Saturday morning from 7:00AM to 9:00AM. All lightweight athletes must weigh in at this time.
  • Team weigh-in forms will be auto-generated from Regatta Central registration.  No forms are needed from the teams.  Make sure all competitor names, including the names of substitutes, are properly registered.
  • All rowers must be present by boat dressed in their team uniform and accompanied by adult team representative for weigh-ins.
  • No weight allowance given for items the athlete is wearing during weigh-in.
  • All substitutes will weigh in with their boat mates for those athletes to be eligible to substitute.
  • Weigh-ins will be conducted as a yes/no system without actual weight being announced.
  • Re-weighs will only be allowed if the rower is within one (1) pound of the event maximum and must be done within the weigh-in time window.
  • Rowers making weight must attach the lightweight wristband around their wrist before leaving the weigh-in area.
  • Wristbands are to remain in place until the conclusion of rowing in the regatta (2 days).
  • Problems with wristbands must be brought to the attention of the official at regatta HQ.

Minimum Entries

For events with less than three (3) teams entered at the registration deadline, the following will be implemented:

  • For non-SRAA qualifying events (Lightweight 1X, Junior 1X, Freshman 2X), the race will be eliminated and the teams will be notified in advance of race day.
  • For SRAA qualifying events with at least one scholastic entry, the race will be scheduled.
  • For SRAA qualifying events without at least one scholastic entry, the race will be eliminated and the teams will be notified in advance of race day.


“B” Finals will be added for all events with 9 or more entrants.

“C” Finals will be added for all events with 16 or more entrants.

Events with less than 8 entries (finals only) will race for lanes during heats.

The formula for progression to the final will be as follows: Link to 2017 FSRA Progression and Points Table.

Heats direct to finals option may be implemented if time constraints make it necessary. See Order of Events section below.

The FSRA Regatta Committee will seed entries with the objective to allow for the fastest crews to have a fair opportunity to progress to the finals. To be seeded, a crew needs to compete in their event in their FSRA District/Regional race; unseeded teams will be placed in random outside lanes.

Lane assignments for rep, semi, and final races will use a predetermined formula with the heat, rep, and semi winners receiving the center lanes under normal weather conditions.  In the situation of prevailing strong cross winds, the FSRA Regatta Committee may implement an alternate lane assignment system so the fastest progression times will receive the windward lanes.

Order of Events

The order of events on Saturday will be 1st varsity events first and then following event number order and on Sunday following the event number order. If the order must be alternated due to weather concerns, priority will be given to SRAA events based on SRAA number of bids (primary priority) and FSRA point schedule (secondary priority).


  • First, second, and third place medals will be awarded for grand “A” finals only.  A crew must not necessarily beat another crew to be awarded medals.
  • The trophies will remain in the possession of the winning team for one (1) year and returned at the next State Championship Regatta.
  • Teams failing to return trophies must pay a $500.00 replacement fee before they will be allowed to compete.
  • Event and overall point trophies for first place teams will be awarded.
    • Overall Youth Team Point Trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest total of points using top six points earning results (6 events) regardless of gender.
  • Event and overall point trophies for first place scholastic teams will be awarded.
    • Overall Scholastic Team Point Trophy will be awarded to the scholastic team with the highest total of points using top six points earning results (6 events) regardless of gender.

Points Table

Link to 2017 FSRA Progression and Points Table.


  • Protests shall be registered on the water in accordance with USRowing rules.
  • The protest must be accompanied by a $50.00 fee, returned if the protest is upheld.
  • Disposition of the protest will follow the USRowing rules.
  • Appeals from the Jury shall be resolved by members of Regatta Committee present at the regatta.

Inclement Weather Procedure

The FSRA Regatta Committee, the Regatta Director, the Chief Referee, and the LOC will work together to monitor the weather continuously during the event.  Should it be determined that schedule changes are necessary due to weather concerns, the FSRA Regatta Committee will prioritize events following the order of events guidelines and determine which races will occur during the time window racing can be safely conducted.

Weather-related schedule changes will be announced utilizing the following mediums.

  • Posted on the results board at the regatta site.
  • Announced over the on-site sound system.