FSRA Sculling Championships

  • Hosted By: Florida Scholastic Rowing Association
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

Volunteers are required from each participating team to allow FSRA to run a successful regatta. Teams need to sign up for 1 position per entry. (example: 5 boats entered = 5 positions signed up for) Remember to include your team name with your signup.

Report to Volunteer Check-In tent about 15-20 minutes before shift start time.




Course Marshal~Friday Rowing Practice: Launch Boat drivers need to be experienced in regatta water operations.  Safe operation of the power boat is critical.  You will be maintaining race course safety and keep boats following the regatta traffic pattern.  In the event of a capsized boat, you will notify officials and assist the safety launch.  Check with the Power Boar Squadron Leader for more guidance and any other special instructions.

Saturday and Sunday:

Start Line Assistants:  Listen and take instructions from the Starting Line Volunteer Leader and referee.  It is important for you to maintain silence in this area of the venue.  Directions are provided via radio headsets. You will be holding the end of the boat to help align for starting the race.

Launch Boat Drivers: Launch Boat drivers need to be experienced in regatta water operations.  Safe operation of the power boat is critical. Referees are responsible for the safe operation of races and they will provide you directions to allow them to perform this task. 

Rowing Docks:  The control commission referees and Dock Master will provide instructions.  Tasks include assisting launching and recovering boats; keeping traffic flowing to minimize backups.

Finish Line Assistants:  The finish line referee will provide instructions.  Tasks include manning the finish line flag, running stop watches, recording bow number finish order, and recording finish times.  It is important that the volunteers be present for the entire shift to maintain continuity and minimize training time.

Awards Dock Assistants (Sunday only):  Assist boats landing and leaving awards dock.  Volunteers must be extremely attentive to the instructions of the Dock Master and referees as other races go by the awards dock.