FSRA Sculling Championships

  • Hosted By: Florida Scholastic Rowing Association
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

Interactive map of Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL

Map of Venue Traffic Pattern

As you plan to attend upcoming regattas at Nathan Benderson Park, here are a few reminders to help ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the park.

  • drones are prohibited
  • Swimming is prohibited
  • Open fires are prohibited
  • Glass containers are prohibited
  • Overnight camping is prohibited
  • No trespassing on the wave attenuator and in construction areas
  • Tents larger than 10' x 10' in size are prohibited; tents larger than 10’x10’ must be leased from SANCA
  • Tents 10' x 10' in size or less must be properly secured and may be open to inspection by SANCA staff
  • Fire extinguishers are required in cooking areas and will be available to inspection by SANCA staff
  • Gas and charcoal grills are permitted
  • Dogs must be on a 6 foot fixed length leash
  • Dog owners must pick up after defecating dogs

Daily parking fees will be collected Saturday and Sunday. Cars, vans, SUV, pickup trucks are $5 per day. RVs and champers are $25 per day. If you are only dropping off/picking up, stay on the bus loop and don't enter the parking access road; otherwise you will be required to pay the parking fee. There is no room to turn around.

On the western shore, please do not stand on the water side of the finish line marker.

Coaches only Bike Path: On the western shoreline, there is a dedicated Coaches' Ride Along Path. Traffic pattern on Coaches' path is NORTHBOUND only. To reach the Start Line area, you will ride south on a separate path on the far (inland) side of the coaches' path. Be sure to bring your own bike.

Spectator bikes: Spectators are welcome to bring their own bikes to utilize throughout this beautiful facility. All public areas are accessible, except only coaches are allowed on the Coaches' Ride Along Path on the western shoreline. There is a secondary path which is available to Spectators slightly west of the Coaches' Path.