World Rowing Indoor Championships/USRowing Indoor National Championships

  • Hosted By: Long Beach Rowing Association
  • 2019 USRowing Indoor Open Regatta (Special)

Racing will take place all day on February 24, 2019. A complete racing schedule will be available following the close of entries, approximately February 15, 2019. The order of events is subject to change.

All racing is a finals-only format, regardless of the number of entries in each event. If there is more than one heat for a particular event, the fastest time overall will determine the winner. Races will be seeded by time.

All Rules and Procedures are posted at this link - click here

Information - Please read the Entry Packet thoroughly.


  • FISA Classification is required for the “FISA” World Rowing Indoor Championships PR1, PR2, and PR3 events. Athletes taking part in these events that have not yet been classified by a FISA International Classification panel are required to submit documentation for a pre-classification assessment (links below). These documents must be submitted via their National Federations using the FISA Classification portal 30 days prior to classification, i.e. no later than January 23, 2019.
  • If you have been classified in the United States for para on-water rowing and have not competed internationally, you most likely have a US classification status that IS NOT accepted as a FISA international classification. If you have competed in on-water rowing at the international level, then you would have been FISA classified. This is an important distinction for competitors to confirm since this competition offers some para events that are FISA internationally sanctioned only and some events that are not.
  • Conditions affecting an athlete’s ability and defining sport categories must be permanent in nature. Organ removal, by itself, does not qualify someone for any para rowing sport category. Pain, by itself does not qualify someone. Disability experienced post-surgery is a temporary condition and does not qualify someone for any para category. Note: If you are uncertain or have any questions, please contact Mark McAndrew at

Lightweight Weight Limit - Women 61.5kg, Men 75.0kg