Head of the Rideau

  • Hosted By: Ottawa Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2021)

There is NO parking on Rideau Canoe Club site.

The Rideau Canoe Club parking is for emergency vehicles only and authorized officials. You can drop off a single but you will need to find parking elsewhere. 

You must park on the side roads or nearby parking lots. Most parking is paid parking. See map for details. 

There are several parking options around the canoe club. ALWAYS Check the Parking signage as parking regulations may have changed.

1. Hog's Back Park Parking Lot - (paid) 600m, 7 minutes walk 

2. Parks Canada Parking Lot (Paid) - 500m, 6 minutes walk 

3. Rideauview Mall on 885 Meadowlands, North West Side (after 4:30 Free) - 550m, 7 minutes walk 

4. Prince of Wales Dr (West side Free , check signange) - from 350m, 4 minutes walk 

5. North Side of Nesbitt Place (Free) - 2 minutes walk

6. North side of Meadowlands, west of the Government buildings and McDonalds, towards residential area (Free on weekends)