North Tahoe Regatta

  • Aug 7, 2022
  • open water
  • Kings Beach, CA (USA)
  • Hosted By: RowTahoe

This is an open water regatta. The rules are pretty simple:

The Start
The event will have a NON-ALIGNED, STANDING start. We will not be attempting to align bow balls.The starting line will be clearly marked by a stake boat and a buoy. All boats must be stationary (not moving) and completely behind the starting line at the time their event starts.

  1. Do not crowd the starting area. Stay at least 50 meters back from the starting line until you are called. Each boat class will be called to the starting line 2 minutes before the start of its race. Reminder announcements will be made at 1 minute prior to start and 30 seconds prior to start.
  2. The starting commands will be "Attention! Êtes-vous prêts? Partez!" (Just kidding. We'll blow a horn. There won't be any voice commands after the 30-second warning.)
  3. Stay behind the line. If any part of your boat is past the line when the starting horn blows for your event, you will be penalized 1 minute. If your boat is more than one boat length past the starting line when the starting horn blows for your event, you will be required to return behind the line and row through the line behind the field. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  4. Don't crash the start. If your boat is moving in the direction of the starting line when the starting horn sounds, you will be penalized 2 minutes.

It's a long course. There is no reason to jockey for the start.

The Courses
The Long Course is a big obtuse triangle. The Short Course is a big isosceles triangle. If you don't know what isosceles means, ask your teenager. If you don't know what obtuse means, bless your heart.

  1. Stay outside the marks. You must round each course marker on the OUTSIDE of the triangle. If you cut a corner, you will be instructed to return to the part of the course before the marker and round it again on the OUTSIDE. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Yes, we'll be watching.

The Race
It's a big lake. There is a ton of room, probably more room than you've ever encountered while rowing (other than at the turns, which are tight), unless you're some kind of ocean rowing lunatic. Hence, there is no reason to run into each other.

  1. Faster/overtaking boats have the right of way. If you're being passed, you MUST give way. Failure to give way will result in a 1 minute penalty.
  2. Don't interfere with other boats. If you run into another boat, impede another boat's progress, clash oars, or otherwise crowd other competitors and it's your fault, you will receive a 1 minute penalty. If the interference results in damage to another boat or injury to another competitor, you will be disqualified.

The Finish
The Finish is at the same place as the start. It will be clearly marked by a stake boat and a buoy.

  1. You do not have to pass between the stake boat and the buoy. The finish line is a continuous line between the stake boat and and the buoy, continuing all the way around the Earth (though there is a bunch of land in the way). However, it will almost certainly be in your best interest to pass between the boat and the buoy, as that is the shortest path down the final leg of the course.
  2. After crossing the finish line, continue rowing another ten strokes or so to clear the start/finish zone. Other boats will be coming through. If you interfere with the progress of other boats attempting to finish the race, you will receive a 1 minute penalty. 


  1. No whining. Whiners will be thrown in the lake.