2023 USRowing Atlantic City Indoor National Championships

  • Feb 4, 2023 To Feb 5, 2023
  • indoor
  • Atlantic City, NJ (USA)
  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • USRowing Owned
Note: For updates and last minute changes be sure to check the news and heat-sheet/draw pages.
Event# Time* Event Code Event
Saturday, February 4, 2023
1 Mens Open 500-Meter Sprint 1x
2 Womens Open 500-Meter Sprint 1x
3 Mens Ltwt Open 500-Meter Sprint 1x
4 Womens Ltwt Open 500-Meter Sprint 1x
5 Mens Masters AA-K 500-Meter Sprint 1x
6 Womens Masters AA-K 500-Meter Sprint 1x
7 Mens Ltwt Masters AA-K 500-Meter Sprint 1x
8 Womens Ltwt Masters AA-K 500-Meter Sprint 1x
9 Mens U19 PR3 1x
10 Womens U19 PR3 1x
11 Mens U19 PR3 (VI) 1x
12 Womens U19 PR3 (VI) 1x
13 Mens U19 PR3 (II) 1x
14 Womens U19 PR3 (II) 1x
15 Mens U19 PR3 (AK) 1x
16 Womens U19 PR3 (AK) 1x
17 Mens U19 PR3 (SA) 1x
18 Womens U19 PR3 (SA) 1x
19 Mens U19 PR3 (PI) 1x
20 Womens U19 PR3 (PI) 1x
21 Mens U19 PR3 (GD) 1x
22 Womens U19 PR3 (GD) 1x
23 Mens U19 PR3 (RA) 1x
24 Womens U19 PR3 (RA) 1x
25 Mens U19 PR3 (DS) 1x
26 Womens U19 PR3 (DS) 1x
27 Mens U19 PR1 1x
28 Womens U19 PR1 1x
29 Mens U19 PR2 1x
30 Womens U19 PR2 1x
31 Mens U23 PR3 1x
32 Womens U23 PR3 1x
33 Mens U23 PR3 (VI) 1x
34 Womens U23 PR3 (VI) 1x
35 Mens U23 PR3 (II) 1x
36 Womens U23 PR3 (II) 1x
37 Mens U23 PR3 (AK) 1x
38 Womens U23 PR3 (AK) 1x
39 Mens U23 PR3 (SA) 1x
40 Womens U23 PR3 (SA) 1x
41 Mens U23 PR3 (PI) 1x
42 Womens U23 PR3 (PI) 1x
43 Mens U23 PR3 (GD) 1x
44 Womens U23 PR3 (GD) 1x
45 Mens U23 PR3 (RA) 1x
46 Womens U23 PR3 (RA) 1x
47 Mens U23 PR3 (DS) 1x
48 Womens U23 PR3 (DS) 1x
49 Mens U23 PR1 1x
50 Womens U23 PR1 1x
51 Mens U23 PR2 1x
52 Womens U23 PR2 1x
53 Mens Open PR3 1x
54 Womens Open PR3 1x
55 Mens Open PR3 (VI) 1x
56 Womens Open PR3 (VI) 1x
57 Mens Open PR3 (II) 1x
58 Womens Open PR3 (II) 1x
59 Mens Open PR3 (AK) 1x
60 Womens Open PR3 (AK) 1x
61 Mens Open PR3 (SA) 1x
62 Womens Open PR3 (SA) 1x
63 Mens Open PR3 (PI) 1x
64 Womens Open PR3 (PI) 1x
65 Mens Open PR3 (GD) 1x
66 Womens Open PR3 (GD) 1x
67 Mens Open PR3 (RA) 1x
68 Womens Open PR3 (RA) 1x
69 Mens Open PR3 (DS) 1x
70 Womens Open PR3 (DS) 1x
71 Mens Open PR1 1x
72 Womens Open PR1 1x
73 Mens Open PR2 1x
74 Womens Open PR2 1x
75 Mens AA-K PR3 1x
76 Womens AA-K PR3 1x
77 Mens AA-K PR3 (VI) 1x
78 Womens AA-K PR3 (VI) 1x
79 Mens AA-K PR3 (II) 1x
80 Womens AA-K PR3 (II) 1x
81 Mens AA-K PR3 (AK) 1x
82 Womens AA-K PR3 (AK) 1x
83 Mens AA-K PR3 (SA) 1x
84 Womens AA-K PR3 (SA) 1x
85 Mens AA-K PR3 (PI) 1x
86 Womens AA-K PR3 (PI) 1x
87 Mens AA-K PR3 (GD) 1x
88 Womens AA-K PR3 (GD) 1x
89 Mens AA-K PR3 (RA) 1x
90 Womens AA-K PR3 (RA) 1x
91 Mens AA-K PR3 (DS) 1x
92 Womens AA-K PR3 (DS) 1x
93 Mens AA-K PR1 1x
94 Womens AA-K PR1 1x
95 Mens AA-K PR2 1x
96 Womens AA-K PR2 1x
97 Mens U19 1x
98 Womens U19 1x
99 Mens U19 Coxswain 1k 1x
100 Womens U19 Coxswain 1k 1x
101 Mens U17 1x
102 Womens U17 1x
103 Mens U16 1x
104 Womens U16 1x
105 Mens U15 1x
106 Womens U15 1x
107 SATURDAY Mens Triathlon 1x
108 SATURDAY Womens Triathlon 1x
109 SATURDAY Mens/Womens Kids (5-12) 500M
110 Mens Masters AA 1x
111 Mens Ltwt Masters AA 1x
112 Womens Masters AA 1x
113 Womens Ltwt Masters AA 1x
114 Mens Masters A 1x
115 Mens Ltwt Masters A 1x
116 Womens Masters A 1x
117 Womens Ltwt Masters A 1x
118 Mens Masters B 1x
119 Mens Ltwt Masters B 1x
120 Womens Masters B 1x
121 Womens Ltwt Masters B 1x
122 Mens Masters C 1x
123 Mens Ltwt Masters C 1x
124 Womens Masters C 1x
125 Womens Ltwt Masters C 1x
126 Mens Masters D 1x
127 Mens Ltwt Masters D 1x
128 Womens Masters D 1x
129 Womens Ltwt Masters D 1x
130 SATURDAY Mens Open Max Watts Test
131 SATURDAY Womens Open Max Watts Test
132 Mixed U19 4- Person Team Relay
133 Mens U19 4- Person Team Relay
134 Womens U19 4- Person Team Relay
Sunday, February 5, 2023
135 Mens Youth 500-Meter Sprint 1x
136 Womens Youth 500-Meter Sprint 1x
137 Mens Open 1x
138 Mens Open Ltwt 1x
139 Womens Open 1x
140 Womens Open Ltwt 1x
141 Mens U23 1x
142 Mens U23 Ltwt 1x
143 Womens U23 1x
144 Womens U23 Ltwt 1x
145 Mens Coxswain 1k 1x
146 Womens Coxswain 1k 1x
147 SUNDAY Mens Open Max Watts Test
148 SUNDAY Womens Open Max Watts Test
149 Mens Open 4- Person Team Relay
150 Mens Ltwt 4- Person Team Relay
151 Womens Open 4- Person Team Relay
152 Womens Ltwt 4- Person Team Relay
153 Mixed Open 4- Person Team Relay
154 SUNDAY Mens/Womens Kids (5-12) 500M
155 Mens Masters E 1x
156 Mens Ltwt Masters E 1x
157 Womens Masters E 1x
158 Womens Ltwt Masters E 1x
159 Mens Masters F 1x
160 Mens Ltwt Masters F 1x
161 Womens Masters F 1x
162 Womens Ltwt Masters F 1x
163 SUNDAY Mens Triathlon 1x
164 SUNDAY Womens Triathlon 1x
165 Mens Masters AA-K 4- Person Team Relay
166 Mens Ltwt Masters AA-K 4- Person Team Relay
167 Womens Masters AA-K 4- Person Team Relay
168 Womens Ltwt Masters AA-K 4- Person Team Relay
169 Mens Masters G 1x
170 Mens Ltwt Masters G 1x
171 Womens Masters G 1x
172 Womens Ltwt Masters G 1x
173 Mens Masters H 1x
174 Mens Ltwt Masters H 1x
175 Womens Masters H 1x
176 Womens Ltwt Masters H 1x
177 Mens Masters I 1x
178 Mens Ltwt Masters I 1x
179 Womens Masters I 1x
180 Womens Ltwt Masters I 1x
181 Mens Masters J 1x
182 Mens Ltwt Masters J 1x
183 Womens Masters J 1x
184 Womens Ltwt Masters J 1x
185 Mens Masters K 1x
186 Mens Ltwt Masters K 1x
187 Womens Masters K 1x
188 Womens Ltwt Masters K 1x

Event times (if listed) are typically for the finals. The schedule is tentative and subject to change