Chicago Sprints

  • Hosted By Lincoln Park Boat Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Tentative schedule - is now posted, see 'Heat Sheet' tab.  Saturday check-in 7:30am, Coaches/Coxes meeting 8:00, first 1x's race 9am Saturday.  Sunday check-in 7am, races start 8:00am.  Heats and finals of all races will be held on the same day, barring major weather delays or other unforseen issues.

Registration - is now Full.  Please submit any Scratches  to  Feel free to submit waitlist requests, which will be processed in the order they were received if any spots become available thru scratches.  The regatta committee will attempt to accomodate clubs that wish to scratch an accepted entry in favor of another, but cannot guarantee all requests will be met.

Payments - are due Tuesday July 7.  Late payments (check) will be accepted at registration during the regatta, and are subject to a $10 processing fee per check.

Total Entries Cap - the maximum number of entries that will be accepted for the 2009 Chicago Sprints is 240 for all events combined.  Registration for all events will be closed once that cap has been reached.

Maximum Events per Rower - the maximum number of events for any individual rower is 3.  Coxswains may participate in more than 3 events.

Waivers - may be turned in at registration. 

Adaptive events - please contact John Butsch at if you or someone you know would like to participate in the Adaptive events for Chicago Sprints.  This i absolutely required.

Practice - the course will be open for practice Friday evening until 8:30pm, also Saturday and Sunday before and after racing.  All boats must be off the water 45 minutes before the first race each day. 

Championship Trophy - Kuperman Cup

Many of you know that earlier this year LPBC mourned the loss of our longtime friend and coach, Yuriy Kuperman.  Over the past 10 years, Yuriy was a fixture of our club and of competitive rowing throughout the country.  His distinction as a coach is demonstrated by the success achieved by his scullers at many local, national and international regattas.  To reward excellence in sculling at the Chicago Sprints Regatta in Yuriy's honor, we will be presenting the Kuperman Cup to the club that achieves the most success in sculling events.  The points awarded in each sculling event are as follows:


1x:        1st Place:  12

            2nd Place: 10

            3rd Place:   8

            4th Place:   6


2x:        1st Place:  18

            2nd Place: 15

            3rd Place:  12

            4th Place:   9


4x:        1st Place:  22

            2nd Place: 18

            3rd Place:  14

            4th Place:  10


This trophy was made possible through the generosity of LPBC club members in memory of their friend and coach, Yuriy Kuperman.