Speakmon Memorial Regatta

  • Hosted By: Greater Columbus Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

    General Rules- United States Rowing Association
    Rules of Racing shall apply, unless otherwise noted.
    Bow Numbers- Bow and coxswain shirt numbers will
    be provided at registration to crews who have properly submitted their entry
    materials (entry forms, signed waivers and fees). Crews without both bow and
    coxswain shirt numbers will not be permitted to launch. Bow numbers must be
    returned to the dock area after racing. Shirt numbers are to be worn on the
    back of the bow person of the boat. In a bow coxed boat, the coxswain number
    must be worn on the back of the bow rower.  
    Race Times and Boat Order- It is the Regatta's
    intention to start crews for each event together and in-order. One of the
    biggest complaints from previous years has been the relaxed starting policy.
    Therefore, the Regatta will NO LONGER allow crews that arrive late to the line
    to race. All crews should allow a minimum of 40 minutes to launch and row to
    the start line, in order to make their scheduled event. Teams should allow
    enough time to adjust for weather conditions.
    Crews wishing to hot seat either boats or rowers
    shall notify the dockmaster at the time of launch and at the time of recovery.
    The dockmaster will help facilitate hotseating to the greatest degree possible.