FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta

  • Hosted By: Danish Rowing Federation


The Lake Bagsvaerd regatta course has hosted several national and international regattas since the mid forties. During this period the course has been extended and modernised several times.

In preparation for the 2016 World Rowing Masters Regatta the number of lanes will be extended from the standard 6 lanes to 8 lanes. To facilitate this without major construction work the finish line will be moved 150 meters toward east. We will install a floating barrier to reduce the impact of the waves created by southerly winds. This as a precaution just in case. Normally the wind at Lake Bagsvaerd is from a westerly direction, i.e. head wind.

Over the last 10 – 15 years water quality in the lake has improved greatly. So now the water is cleaner. However, this has encouraged the growth of weeds. We are therefore grateful that the community who operates the regatta course, has invested in a device to harvest the weeds and hence secure fair conditions on the race course.

Those who have been at the Lake Bagsvaerd regatta course will know that space is limited. We, the Organising Committee, are very much aware of this and are working hard to take this fact into account. The benefit is that rowers will be in a close environment with short distances to the lake. The drawback is that you cannot drive in your own car to the regatta course and expect to find a parking spot. It will simply not be available. We are also forced to require you to register all boats you will bring to the regatta in due time for us to make a total plan for each and every boat. 

We do look forward to welcome you to the Danish National Regatta Course, Lake Bagsvaerd.

Lake Bagsvaerd is located only 13 kilometres from the centre of the Danish capital Copenhagen. With the proximity to Copenhagen and excellent transportation to and from the venue, you will have an unique opportunity to participate in this fantastic regatta and also to enjoy Wonderful Copenhagen.